One Final Tear

Face up to a breakup.
I never heard what you said,
But I caught the gist from your eyes,
And yet, for me to agree,
Would be for me to tell a lie.
I know you want it so much,
But I've given all that I can,
And now my spirit flaps it's broken wings,
Trying to escape this Neverland.

I've grown old and got wiser,
I'm still alive, but maybe just...
I can't hold on for much longer,
It's time to let the bubble burst,
And fall in different directions,
Onto the paths we each must take,
For it's time to acknowledge the certainty,
Of unavoidable heartache.

I will admit that I still smile,
When I picture you in my thoughts,
But the anger in your heart, of late,
Has only left me fraught.
My own disquiet brings me down,
It leaves me anxious and afraid,
For although I know that you share my fears,
All pleas have already been prayed.

The death of a love affair,
Is never an easy moment,
Sometimes it's best to walk away,
With neither a tear nor a comment.
I may never have heard what you said,
But your eyes spoke straight from your heart...
So I shall look in your eyes one final time,
And with one final tear, depart.

Published: 10/3/2018
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