One Last Great Adventure

Some final thoughts...
Sometimes, I wish I'd listened more,
To my old teacher at school,
For maybe then I'd find the words,
My heart yearns to share with you,
Those simple words of comfort,
That would help to ease the pain,
Of everything that's ever hurt,
But I guess that's love's refrain.

If I could sing a love song,
Or a psalm unto the Lord,
I'd pray that you forgive me;
That you hear my whispered words;
For although I've loved you every day,
Of a life so uneventful,
I feel I must apologize,
For keeping things too simple.

But that's just the way I like it,
I guess you like it that way too,
For you've stood by me for all those years,
And helped me make it through,
For when I was down in hard times,
You were always there by me,
And for that I'll always praise you,
As the adventure that I need.

So now that clouds are gathering,
And the curtain's drawing closed,
Our old age becomes youthful,
As we look back on long ago,
And I hold onto the memories,
As you hold on to my hand,
For that one last great adventure,
Before I cede to Death's command.

Published: 1/13/2020
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