One Last Time

A simple expression of yearning for someone, someone who I will miss for my entire lifetime.
You are the sparkle of my eyes,
You are the joy in my smiles,
With you my happiness lies,
With you I'd travel for miles.

My day begins with your voice,
And fills it with your charm,
Your wish makes my heart rejoice,
And it brims with your love warm.

On every starry night,
Under every moonlit sky,
I'll miss you with all my might,
And feel the void you'll leave by.

Meet me once as your beloved,
And hold me as if you'd never let go.
Look at me and lock me in your eyes,
And kiss me as if your lips froze on mine.

For one last time be mine.
For one last time BE MINE.
Published: 6/28/2013
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