Oneday I shall give in, oneday

Something I wrote just for time...
I cry at night
No different from the other nights
I have this pain, deep inside me
I cannot explain it
Not with words norm by paper
I feel like I am alone in this world
My laughter is false, my life is pointless
I feel like a doll that is being pulled many ways
My life is nothing but a story
Some person with a cruel humor
Words that I cannot say
To express myself
I'm bottled up for all of time
My life is nothing but lie
There are no words to describe how I feel
No way to share my pain
I can't feel no more
Nothing is cold to me anymore
This feeling inside of me grows everyday
I wait until the day it consumes me
And I loose who I am to this darkness inside me
One day I will give in
One day this pain shall gone
But one day is many days
I shall stand here waiting, waiting for you to come
Waiting for something that is no longer mine
Something that was mine from the start
My tears mark the moments I waited
My blood paints the earth
A map of pain and love
A guide to my soul
A path which you shall find
To set me free, for once, of all time.
Published: 9/15/2008
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