Online Romance

It is a story of a guy who chats with girls online, and then calls them to meet and rapes, then blackmails them saying if they don't pay, he would upload the video on net. As usual he traps a girl, but this time tides turn on him!
'26, Palm house, green park road, Versova.' I type the address.
'OK, I will reach.' She responds.
'I can’t wait to see you in person; we have been chatting online since last six months.' I type.
'Me too, I will reach by 8 at night as planned on the address.' She replies quickly.
'So see you tomorrow by 8, I will call you later, have work.' I type and try to end the conversion.
'OK, cool.' Her reply pops up onscreen and she goes offline.

I collect all the spy cameras and drive off to my farm house, my new victim will be coming tomorrow. She will be my 10th victim, I rejoice on this idea as I start my car. After 45 minutes, I reach my farmhouse, and quickly start installing the spy cameras. The special drug is also there to seduce her if required. It’s the best way to earn money, now I am earning double the amount of my other graduation schoolmates, fifty thousand per month for keeping the secret of my victims. Blackmailing is the best business. I lock the door and drive back home. I need to look the best tomorrow evening.

I put on my new black suite, and get up in a young stylish MD of an import export company. Get in my lunar sliver Audi car, which I had stolen from the neighboring town, then after bribing some good amount to the RTO officers, they transferred the car to my name, and the real owner is still searching for his car. I laugh. It was 7:30 when I reach. The delivery boy arrives with our dinner, I have ordered her favorite Prawns Biryani and Lobster Fry and some soft drinks as she is a non-alcoholic, typical Indian girl! I quickly set the dining table, lit the red candles, check the music playlist of some romantic song of her favorite artist, and in the last check with red rose flower vases back in the living room and keep some latest business related magazine replacing the men's magazine. Well, all set and ready, I smile as I look around the arrangement. Then I rush in the bedroom and check the spy cameras, yeah it’s in perfect working condition. Now I sit quietly waiting for Nirmiti, my latest victim to arrive.

8:05, I glance at my wrist watch, when I hear a car taking a halt. I check through the peep hole, Hell yeah it's her, my eyes lit up and I swiftly open the door, Wow! She looked awesome in her Red and White Anarkali dress with matching red jewelry.

"Hey," she says blushing.
"Hi," I say raising my hand.

She slowly places her soft palm on mine, she’s truly beautiful, I admire her beauty as I take her in the living room, I leave her hand and turn back to close the door. "I don’t like unnecessary disturbance," I say looking at her. And she blushes in response, Ahhhaaa... her blush just tempt the devil in me who's desperately waiting to strip her down and fuck her hard, but control, I warn my inner Demon. I sit next to her on the dark brown cushion sofa, and look at her.

"Such an admiring beauty, you possess young lady, I feel like just keep on looking at you the entire night," I praise her. Hey that’s not in the plan the Demon in me yells.
"Well, thank you, Raj," she mummers. "Even you are looking quite handsome," she compliments me.
"Well, thank you, Nirmiti," I mimic to tease on which she giggles.

We have a nice light conversation for around half an hour and then I take her to the dining room; she is delighted to see her favorite food on table.

"Your entire favorite, just the way you like," I whisper in her ears as I pull out the chair and help her to settle.
"Thank you, Raj you truly made my evening," she says looking at her favorite food on the table.
"My Pleasure dear, I just wanted to make our first meet very special and I think, I have done it," I say with pride sitting next to her.
"Yes, you have made it very special," she responds.

I serve the mouth-watering Biryani blended with the perfect mixture of the flavors and fragrance of all the spices and then serve the yummy looking lobster fry.

We both enjoyed the dinner continuing the conversation which we had in the living room, mixed with some naughty flirts from my side and enjoying her cute blushes from her side. I kept all the dinner plates and serving bowls in the kitchen and joined her back in the living room.

"Can I have a dance with you?" I asked politely like a gentleman.
"Sure," she said with a smile. I started the playlist on the DVD player, then slowly moved towards her and grabbed her hand and then her waist, first she got bit reluctant but later calmed, her twinkling eyes were so beautiful and compelling, I tried to feel her soft fair skin as I touched her thin waist and her hand. I grabbed her more closer and tried to kiss her juicy red lips, yeah the inner devil in me is in action now.

"Hey, it's too early, I think we should wait," she says hesitating.
"No, I can’t, I want you now," I say and pushed her against the wall and try to kiss her, I pulled away her soft net pattern dupatta which rested on her shoulder and kissed her neck, she kept shouting 'Leave me, leave me,' but my lusty devil was too hungry to leave her. I tried to lift her, but she managed to push me and rushed inside the room adjacent to the dining room.

"Come on baby, you don’t have to be scared of me, I just wanna taste you," I call out.

My ears caught a crying sound, I followed it, and saw her across the bed, she was sitting in the corner with her head tucked in between her knees and her both hand folded around, her beautiful silky black hair spread across her back. I smiled and closed the door and took a glance at the hidden spy camera, hell yeah she came in the right place. I took my devious steps towards her and got on my knees, I raised my hand and touched her hair and then pulled them upwards.

"Aaaahhhaa," I screamed and got off my knees and took my steps back, and tumbled on the bed, I swiftly got up and stood across the bed, on the other side Nirmiti's beautiful black eyes had turned milky white! With just a small black dot on, her well-dressed hair were now messy which made her look like a scary ghost!

"Today is your last night Sumit," she says in a very creepy voice and starts to laugh out and suddenly around, I hear a howling sound which send shivers through my body and then all the windows open up at a shot allowing the gushy air to entire. She gets up and I take a run, with trembling and shivering hands, I open the door and get in the dining room and close the door taking deep breaths. How the hell she knows my real name, I wonder with my closed eyes as I remember her creepy words. I open my eyes and get another scary shock, I see Mita in an almost same scary attire, but wait a second Mita committed suicide last year only, then how come she is standing in front, she was holding a kitchen knife in one hand and her wrist of the other hand was bleeding! She took a step in front as she raised the knife, I turned back opened the door and ran in the kitchen, and saw Tia! My victim before Mita, again the same scary eyes dressed in white, and some white substance was oozing from her mouth! I remembered the fact she had committed suicide by consuming Poison! I ran towards the living room where I saw Kritika, no doubt even she must be a ghost because Kritika committed suicide two years back by hanging on the ceiling fan. Same scary eyes and a rope was tied around her neck. I stepped back and turned and see Kanchan! Another ghost! She was fucking scary than the others, her left side was scrambled and was bleeding, she had committed suicide one and a half year back by jumping of her building terrace!

I shut my eyes for a moment and then when I open, I find myself encircled by the ghost of my past victims and all of them coming closer! I get down on my knees and beg for mercy.

"I am sorry, please forgive me, I confess my crime, I confess that I cheated you all and pushed you all to death, please forgive me. I promise, I won’t do like this again. I won’t cheat on any girl again, please I beg for my life."

But there seems no chance of change, I am sweating but at the same time my body seems to be dead cold and was shivering. I somehow get up and try to run for my life, I manage to get to the exit door and opened it and saw Nirmiti, but she looked like a normal human not like the ghost, she looked past few minutes, she no more wearing that beautiful Anarkali dress, she now wore a cream color shirt and dark trouser, I once again look back and see the ghost of my past victims.

"OK, now get this off Bruno," she says looking at her right. A young guy with small curled hair and big specs comes up with a laptop, he clicks on a button and then ask me to look behind, I stammer, but slowly turn and to my shock all the ghosts are gone!

"How was the Hologram show?" I turn back as I hear Nirmiti.

"Hologram show??" I question.

"Yes, hologram show, you know 3D imaging," the guy with curled hair say. I realize that I'm trapped and fooled!

"You trapped me," I yell.

"What do you think, only you criminals and trap innocents, in fact we cops are specially trained to trap criminals like you," Nirmiti says with an attitude.

"Cops!" I turn cold.

"Ronita Roy, from cyber crime branch, you are under arrest for cheating, rape, illegal make of pornography, blackmailing, harassment and abetment to suicide of nine innocent girls," the lady cop announces.

"By the way, your confession is recorded and we have ample of evidence against you," she adds.

Two body builder men walk in and cuff my hands with the metal handcuff.
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Published: 3/2/2015
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