Opportunity Knocks

Make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Add quality to your life by living in its abundance and shunning that which holds you back from progress...
Look behind shut closed doors,
And search slippery, fleeting time;
Even amidst your daily chores,
Opportunity rings a happy chime.

It comes in every size and shape,
It is there as you rise to new day;
It is there in every narrow escape,
You make to light up a new way.

Opportunity knocks but just once,
Once lost, it may be gone forever;
It pays to accept the sudden bunce,
Overcoming the fetters that sever.

Opportunity knocks, are you there,
There may be not a moment more;
Grab, take all named in your share,
Avail and add to the treasure store.

Like the phoenix rise high, claim,
Another chance at renewed breath;
Look beyond, the world's the same,
Opportunity shadows even death.

There is refuge in life's endurance,
And in the wake of the ticking clocks;
All you need is to shed repugnance,
And stay awake, opportunity knocks.
By Gaynor Borade
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