I accept myself for who I am.
I have my father's eyes,
I have my mother's hair,
I have my sister's smile,
But I am not them.

Stop the comparisons,
Let me be me,
I am not my parents,
I am not my sister,
I am me.

Genetics, DNA, they mean nothing,
I am not a clone,
I have a brain, I have a heart,
I have a soul of my own.

No wires, no batteries,
I am not a robot,
Spare parts so I resemble others,
And you call me crazy.

I am nothing like them,
I am unique, one of a kind,
A work of art,
Sound of heart, sound of mind.

Nothing to compare,
I am not them,
I am me,
No one else,
Published: 3/18/2014
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