Our Autumn Love

True love never dies.
Now is the autumn of our life together,
We reminisce on the years gone past,
We know the future can't last forever,
And that one day will break our hearts.

But until that one day comes, my love,
I shall bathe in the beauty that is you,
To cleanse my soul of contamination,
In the contentment of a love so true.

Let us not hide away the time,
That shows itself in wrinkled eyes,
For love need not mourn the passing of youth,
When love can carry the strength to survive.

We share a rare and precious gift, my love,
A special bond between we two,
The special bond that we call life,
That ages beautifully and true.

Trials and tribulations, sent to test us,
Only strengthened the love we shared,
From the joy of youth to adulthood,
Through all the tears of pain and fear.

We have faced our burdens well, my love,
We have triumphed through the years,
Within the glory of our beating hearts,
You've been every second that ever cared!

So here we are in our twilight years,
Our hearts still beat with youthful resolve,
Endorsed by the love we share,
Nor should that love dissolve.

Let not death spoil our embrace, my love,
For the sweetest love should never end,
We should prepare for that one day,
Knowing that we shall meet again!
Published: 4/4/2012
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