Outpour From God's Heart

Something for Jesus, my God and the One I always fall back on.
I wish I could put in words
Who You truly are;
Wish I could at least show
What you really mean to me.
Every time I come close to You
I see something new,
Something good so much so,
I'll forever have
An awestruck face near You.

For some I might sound crazy,
Or an odd ancient-
One who would rather not see
Or fears facing facts
That seem so clear now.
But what they feel and think is
Just a passing breeze
More fickle that my beliefs
Which have made me to be
Stronger, better and loving.

All I know over the din
Is You by me
When I was alone sea-washed
Lying on shores of failures,
Of despair, guilt and pain.
They don't know what it is
When love comes
And you're held, bound and healed,
With no "I did - you do"
Only a free outpour from God's Heart.
By Christie J.
Published: 12/20/2011
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