Over again and Again

The mere presence opens my wounds again.
I saw him today
I wanted to scream, hit him in rade
to cry, hurt him and kiss him at the same time
I am a slave to my heart
I refuse to listen to it
but it beats faster and harder when I saw him
my whole body betrayed me, expect my eyes
If looks could kill he would be dead
but it is me who is dead
dead from the thousands of tears
and the pain from the emotions I keep hidden
I thought it couldn't get any worse
but seeing him today
was like him ripping the wound open
and walking right away
how can he sit there and smile
while I falling into pieces and crying inside.
Yet I stood there, doing nothing
couldn't speak to him
in fear I would cry.
All I want to do is hurt him but I can't.
So I just end up hurting myself.
Hurting myself all over again just for him.
Published: 3/8/2008
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