Overprotective Brother - Chapter 3

Will Danny makes up with his dad after the big fight yesterday?
Teddy's POV

As Danny drives home, he starts to tell me about what he did last night after he ran out of the house. He tells me, he was at one of his friend's house, playing games with him until they passed out. Usually, his stories end with 'and then I destroy it' but this time he stopped talking before he could finish the story.

I turn my head to look towards him, in order to check if he is his usual self. As I turn, I see him staring at the sidewalk not blinking at all. I quickly run my eye to the direction he is looking at and find Sam walking home while texting on her phone. Then I take a glance at Danny and still find him staring in that direction not blinking.

I giggle and find him super adorable as he keeps staring. I turn my head to the front of the road and spot a vehicle in front of us, while our car is still going straight almost hitting the back of that vehicle.

"Danny!" I scream scare to death.

He gets back to reality and finds himself step onto the break, avoiding crashing into that vehicle. The car still sliding ahead as our body follows the gravity but seat belt pulls us back, avoiding injury as our car slowly stops few inches from the vehicle in the front.

Danny breathes heavily and cannot believe what was about to happen. He turns toward me and sees if I'm ok or not.

My first reaction after what just happened is to yell without thinking, "Danny, switch seat now! I'm driving."

He didn't argue at all, instead he just opens the door and walks out. He walks around the car and arrives in front of my car door. He opens the door for me and releases the seat belt around me. I lift my feet out of the car and look up at him.

"Sorry," he mumbles feeling guilty.

I sigh and lift my other feet out of the car then walk toward the driver seat. Danny gets into the passenger seat and stares off at the ground, like he is trying to figure out something.

I get into the driver's seat, mad at something or someone who I myself don't even know. The vehicle in front of us suddenly drives, like nothing happened, then Danny reaches his hand over and honk at it before it drive any further.

I shake my head at Danny not approving of what he did. He shrugs like he did nothing wrong and looks at the direction where Sam is. She disappears on the road, no sight of her anywhere, Danny moves his head all around trying to find a shadow of her but she is not around here anymore.

"You might really like her," I mumble starting the engine and drive home.


As we arrive in the street of our house, we spot mom and dad standing in the front port waiting for us to come home, like they know I will bring Danny home or something.

Danny's face turns from mad to frustrated and annoying as he sees them. As soon as I park the car he gets out of the car and slams the car door shut.

"Danny let's talk," Dad commands.

Danny walks into the house ignoring Dad.

Dad chases after him shouting into the house.

Mom grabs me by the wrist and pulls me toward the street before I have a chance to follow them into the house. "Let's go to the grocery store, we need to buy a lot of things," she says knowing that there will be arguing, shouting, and yelling plus fighting in the house.

As I think about the situation here, suddenly I remember a sentence Daddy said yesterday, "Do you like your kid mother? If you do... why would you try to create new one?" Without thinking I say it out loud.

Mom is silent for a moment and then speaks, "You guys are still my baby but your dad and I think something is missing."

"You guys want a baby which is blood related to you and dad, don't you?"

Mom does not answer my question, instead she processes on the usual plan.

Our afternoon is peaceful and quiet. Mom ignores my question and stays quiet the whole time. I fold my hands in front of my chest telling her she has to tell me the answer one day as we walk into the grocery store.


We come back home just before sunset. The front door of our house is wide open when we get there, books lying everywhere on the grasses of our front yard like a haunted house.

Me and mom forget about the grocery and rush into the house and find all the stuff, trash, broken as if there is a big war in house. Dad is sitting on the chair in the dinner table covering his face with his hand.

"Dad, where is Danny?" I ask, afraid he might be dead or something worse.

Dad uncovers his face and shows us bruise on both side of his cheeks and one on right side of his eyes. "Danny is gone, he pack up all of his thing and left home to live on his own."
Where should Danny go?
Sam's house
His friend's house
or abandon house
Published: 1/17/2014
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