Overprotective Brother - Chapter 1

Sibling's first day of their senior year!! Meet Teddy and Danny!!
Teddy's POV

Time goes fast when Danny is by my side, just a blink of an eye the last year of high school life began for me and Danny. At the same time, our parents suddenly decide to have a baby so they won't get lonely when we're going to college and move out of the house. I have absolutely no problem with that but Danny doesn't like the idea.

The night before the first day of our senior year, Danny has a huge fight with dad. He rushes out of the house shouting, and I chase after him but dad grabs me by the arm and pulls me back into the house.

"Let him be Teddy, go to bed it is first day of school tomorrow," he says with a disappointment. The look on his face makes me simply follow the order instead of ignoring it.

When the next morning comes, I hear my mom and dad arguing downstairs because Danny hasn't come home all night. I get out of the bed and rush into Danny's room, just to make sure I hear it right. As I enter the room Danny is standing there shirtless. I open my mouth, about to call mom and dad over, so they will stop arguing, but he runs over and covers my mouth with his hand while he puts his other arm around my neck.

"Mom and Dad don't know I'm home, so don't call," he whispers as he's still covering my mouth with his hand. I give him a confused look instead of pulling his hand off my mouth.

"I just don't want to deal with dad right now. So just let me get some stuff quietly then I will head for school," he adds, knowing what I'm asking about.

I nod and tap him on his arm. "Sorry," he whispers while let go of me.

As soon as he let me go, I turn around face to face with him. First thing comes in my mind is to give him an angry look. He rubs his head while gives me a smile saying he is 'sorry'. Then I sigh since I know both him and dad are too stubborn to apologize, so there is no point to notify my parent about him.

I sigh, "I will bring some food for you, only if you come home after school that includes talking to dad," I whisper while giving him a serious look. He nods, smiling like a little kid, "Wait in the cafeteria, I will be there in ten minutes," I whisper while walking out of the room, getting ready for school.


Danny already sits in the cafeteria surrounded by bunch of his friends while waiting for me to bring home meal. I sit on the seat next to him as he keeps staring at me just like the first day we meet. I open my bag and take out all the food I packed for him.

"Thanks Teddy," Danny says, and grabs the breads and take big bites.

I just sit there beside him, watching him eat as he continues to make joke with his friend. "Teddy has no female friends, that is why she always hangs out with her brother," Alex whisper to his guys, just loud enough for Danny and me to hear while passing by.

"What the hell did you say?" Danny stops his conversation with his friend and screams, while getting out of the chair.

"I said Teddy has no female friends," Alex says loud and clear while taking a step toward him with his head high, showing no fear.

Danny walks toward him, until they're only inches away. He grabs him by the shirt near his neck, "What the hell did you say?" He asks again to see if Alex has the nerves to repeat the sentence.

Alex smiles "Teddy has no female friends, she has no friend at..." before he can finish the sentence Danny punches him in the face with his other arm, while let go out his shirt Alex drops to the floor and slides across the room.

This is nothing new at all; Danny gets into trouble all the time because of me. Other guys in the school just can't keep their opinion about me inside their head, think I am an easy target. Then Danny always stands up and defends for me, one after another it never seem to stop.

Alex stands up on his feet glancing at Danny as he uses his hand to warp away the blood around his mouth. "If you want a fight, I will get you a fight," he says, running toward Danny.

"Bring it," Danny said twists his head a little. He use hold out his left hand punch his right hand getting into fighting position.

"Stop it," Mrs. Avery yelled while the security blocks Alex from hitting Danny. Mrs. Avery walks in between them "Let me guess, Alex make fun of Teddy so you punch him to the ground," he said while peeking at me, then look straight in the eye with Danny.

"Yap," Danny says nodding. It happened so often that every teacher in the school knows it. If they ever hear of Danny gets into a fight they know it's because of me but the boy in the school just keep on teasing me like they want a fight with Danny or something, it's weird...

"Alex go to the nurse then come to the principal office, Danny principal office now!" Mrs. Avery points to the door. Alex walks toward the door, and Danny follows him behind.

I take a step forward wanting to say a few words to Danny, but Mrs. Avery step in front of me and pat me on my shoulder then walk away. Why does every teacher do that? Last time it is Mrs. Rose, she pat me on the shoulder before she escort Danny and Taylor out. Is that some kind of habit of every teacher or does it means something?


Danny's POV

Mrs. Avery first escorted Alex to the nurse's office, then he escorted me to the principal's office, where I had been million times that I could make it my second home.

"Sit and wait, someone is in there," he says as it seems like the principal is talking to some other student.

"Someone get into trouble this early in the morning as well?" I joke just to kill time.

"No, a new transfer student," Mrs. Avery explains.

"No fun," I mumble while leaning down onto the chair since there is nothing more to talk about.

Mrs. Avery sits beside me. "You know there is other solution than fighting, and I'm sure Teddy doesn't like it when you get into fight as well," he says.

I turn my head to the side, pretend I did not hear what he says. When Mrs. Avery opens his mouth again, principal Mr. Henry walks out of his office followed by a girl.

His attention immediately turns to me, "You get into a fight again? This is the first day of school," he says.

"Well..." I mumble.

A girl I have never met before giggles a little, standing right next to the principal, which catches my attention immediately. I reach out my hand and greet her "Hi, I'm Danny what's your name?"

She holds onto my hand. "I am Sam Hunter," she says shaking my hand smiling as bright as the sun.

"Hunter, Mrs. Avery is going to show you around before the first period start." Principal says as Mrs. Avery gives her a smile. As they walk past me I do not know why but I continue to stare at her. She notices I'm staring, which makes her giggle, in return she gives me a wink. When she walks through the door, she turns around and waves at me. I wave at her and watch her disappear in my eyesight.

"Danny get into my office, let's talk should we," Mr. Henry says walking toward his office; I follow him behind knowing how the conversation will go.
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Published: 1/14/2014
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