Overprotective Brother - Chapter 10

Sam plans to...
Teddy's POV

I pull Danny into the girl's bathroom to show his face after our hug. Danny couldn't believe what he sees at first but then he jokily tries to kill me by chasing after me. I run in circles going along with his joke. He then catches me by the wrist and pulls me backward into him, and I reach for the marker on the back of my pants and start to draw on his face even more.

He grabs my hand that's holding a marker and pulls it away from his face as he pulls me closer toward him using his other hand. Suddenly, his face looks even funnier than before for some reason that I couldn't help but to laugh at it. Instead of getting mad, he joins me and starts to enjoy this moment.

Second warming bell interrupt our moment as we realize the time. Danny walks to the sink and start washing his face. I grab my bag from the floor and laugh a little then tell him, "I'm heading to class, bye."

Danny waves his hand telling me to go ahead then he is busy back to washing the ink off his face.

"Just so you know this is a girl's bathroom," I warm him then walk out of the door. After a few seconds, Danny rushes out and enters the boy's bathroom next door. I swear when he runs out of girl's bathroom, it was the funny thing ever, but it is too bad because no one else was in the hallway to enjoy the view with me.

"Teddy, I swear sometimes you drive me crazy," Danny says sticking his head out then walks back in.

"I'm so glad," I say laughing so hard that my stomach literally hurt and I'm running out of breath as my cheeks become bright red. This just makes my day that there's will not be a thing that will bring me into a bad mood again.


Third period starts slow than ever because I couldn't wait to meet up with Danny again and joke around with him about going in a girl's bathroom. I watch the clock tip-tap-tip-tap... I swear it feels like a thousand year has passed but the bell just won't ring, maybe it is broken but if it is, then I'm stuck in this class forever... I start to lose my mind as I keep watching the clock go an inch per minute. I can feel myself increase movement as my butt keeps slipping from the seat.

Then when finally the bell rings, I gather my book and run out of the classroom before the teacher could finish her last sentence. I walk across the hallway, stop at the spot where I know Danny will pass by everyday and keep looking around while the image of Danny, this morning keeps replaying in my head.

Three minutes pass by and there's still no sigh of him. I have no choice but to walk toward class while keep turning around to check just in case he shows up. At the end, he didn't show up at all and I end up running to class with all the energy I have.

I arrive in my fourth period class just in time. Meanwhile Sam's seat is empty as well but I saw her pass by me in the hallway in the second period. Where could she been? Is there a chance she is with Danny right now, is that why he didn't show up just now?

The absence of Sam makes me worry about Danny because if he gets pissed no matter what gender the person is, he will fight with them anyway. Now I just want to walk out of the bathroom and search for him, but Ms. Dell would never let a student walk out during his class, even though the kid is sick in his entire teaching career.

I bite my thumb and scare that any minute now there might be an announcement calling me to the principal office or an ambulance show up in front of school carrying Sam to the hospital for emergency rescue. What is Sam fighting about with Danny, anyway? I just don't get it.

"You care enough to finally show up," Ms. Dell says which snatch me back to reality where I see Sam perfectly fine walking into the classroom and pass by me. My heart finally feels relieved knowing she is ok and focus back at the teacher.

The fourth period is finally over, and Sam walks up to me with a fake smile while I gather my books. She places her books on my table then her smiling face suddenly turn into crying. "Teddy, I am so sorry about what happened yesterday, I was out of my mind since I thought you were trying to talk Danny out of living in my house."

"It's ok, I'm not the type of person who holds a grudge," I reply pulling out a tissue from my packet.

"Then," she grabs both my hands together, "will you continue to be my friend?" She asks as tears drop down from her eyes onto her cheeks.

I nod meanwhile my head tells me to reject her as she is faking it, but for some reason I can't, "Sure, let's be friends," I smile then break my hand free from her grab and reach for a tissue then wipe her tears away from her face.

She smiles then we both grab our books and walk out of the class and head for lunch.

"Teddy, have you ever thought about getting a boyfriend?"

"Um no, actually, I never met a person who I liked yet so far," I reply and ask, "Why are you asking this?"

"Oh, no reason I just thought if you get a boyfriend, then me and Danny's relationship would get better. You do want that for him, don't you?" She says and I totally believe her since it seems like I'm actually the reason he and Sam are fighting.

"But how can I get a boyfriend when I never have any experience before?" I ask.

Sam pats me on the shoulder, "Oh honey, I got your back, just leave everything to me," she says and pulls me to the cafeteria then forces me to sit with her and her friends. She introduces a bunch of boys to me, but for some reason they give me a creep. After a while, Sam completely forgets about me and I sneak out of there and walk to an empty table.


Last period, Global where there's a rumor saying that we might get to go on a three nights and four days field trip somewhere awesome which will be announced by the principal this period. Everyone wait on for the announcement that may or may not come on since last year it was canceled. Then it clicks, "Good afternoon everybody. I announce this year Senior's field trip will be going to Las Vegas," the entire class jump into the air while throwing their books onto the floor.

"We will be going there to LEARN, does everybody understand?" The principal adds, "The slip have to be handed on this Friday. The trip be on next Monday."


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Published: 3/10/2014
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