Overprotective Brother - Chapter 11

After school...
Teddy's POV

When the school's over Seniors become crazy literary, a group of them splash buckets of water across the hallway then they slide across the water with something that slips underneath. Some girls grab the paint from art class and splash it on the wall. Before the paint dry up, they grab a brush and start drawing crazy stuff. Now I remember why last year trip was cancel and now principal must regret planning it.

Suddenly someone jump onto my back making me lose my balance and smash into the wall. The person gets off my back as soon as I stably hold on to the chair. I turn around and see Sam standing behind me smiling and waving, "Hi, so are you ready to go?"

"Go where?" I ask. Sam holds my hand still smiling "Go get a makeover of course."

"Makeover? Why?"

"To get boys fall for you of course," Sam says and pulls me toward the parking lot where her car is parked.

"Sam I decided that I don't want a boyfriend yet, so..."

"No, no, you are getting a boyfriend, is for your own good Honey," she cut me off then pushes me into the front passenger seat of her car. She jumps and walks to the driver's seat and start the engine and says, "Now Teddy in order to get a boy first you need to change your personality a little. You need to wear makeup and most of all you need to stop hanging out with Danny all the time. Then let's talk about what you should wear..."

During the entire car ride, Sam didn't stop talking about what I should change to look more girly and what I can or can't do. Unfortunately for Sam none of this thing get through my ear since I keep wondering where Danny is. He has been gone all day and I ask Sam about him, but she just seems interested in getting me a makeover, so I bet she have no idea where he could be as well.

We arrive at the mall where everything looked the same except I wasn't with Danny. This makes me miss him since we always go shopping together and pick out clothes for each other. I know it sounds weird but that is how close we are.

Sam grabs me by the arm and push me into the mall while still talking about the stuff I can and can't do. 'Why do I have to change so much in order to get a boyfriend...' I thought in my head, and I don't want to be rude to her while she is trying to help me.

We stopped at some really girly girl's clothes that exposed a lot of skin. The minute I look at them the minute I want to burn them all up since I hate seeing this kind of clothes on a person or in a store. Normally, I would have a conversation and a debate with Danny about how horrible these clothes are. Then Danny would disagree with me and try to convince me to try it on, but I always end up winning the debate and buy the clothes that I think is my style.

"Teddy, you should try on this type of clothes, I think it will suit you," Sam says. Wow, Sam actually has the same style sense as Danny, what a coincidence? I shake my head side to side in order to express disagreement with her. She picks up one and hands it to me "Try it on."

I shake my head even more, "No, this didn't suit me at all," I say, pushing the clothes back to her while showing a disgust face.

Sam puts the clothes back then looks around searching for other type that I would like and it would get me attention from a lot of boys. She spots something as she grabs my arm and walk toward it determined to make me get some of girly clothes that would attract boys.

We land in a section of clothes that is not as bad as the last one but is not great either. For some reason I still couldn't bring myself to like it. Sam excitedly grabs few and throws them onto me, "This could be your new style, it looks similar to the one you're wearing."

I look down at the clothes, "Sure, they are acceptable but I don't think I can wear them in public," I say while trying to find a good excuse to leave.

"But this fits you perfectly, come on Teddy, open yourself up," Sam argues, looks a little annoying.

'Open yourself up...' I hear this sentence somewhere before, I thought to myself as I start to daydream. When I snap back to reality I'm already wearing the outfit and standing in front of a mirror. This actually didn't look so horrible but instead my face looked like an idiot. "You are so cute Teddy, you totally should wear nice things once in a while," Sam says taking out her phone and start taking pictures of me.

I cover my face with my hand while letting her take the picture. When she finishes, I rush into the dressing room and change back to my old clothes. When I step out of the dressing room, Sam comes over and take the clothes from me.
"I will go pay them and you wait here," she says.

"Sam, you don't need to, I don't want it," I say but she ignores me and goes ahead anyway. I try to chase after her but my shoes are nowhere to be seen, and I have no choice but to wait here. Few minutes later Sam comes back with a lot of bags. She sits on one of the chair outside the dressing room and pulls out a box from one of the bag. She places it on the ground and opens it, inside is a pair of fashionable shoes that are just my style.

"Try it," Sam says, pushes them near my feet from where I see her annoying face as if she hates everything she is doing. I grab them and stock my feet in going along with her, at the end the shoe fitted perfectly.

"Sam, I ..."

"These are all the clothes I picked for you since you were daydreaming. Wear them on the trip, one clothes per day, ok?" She cut me off and says while hands me the bags.

I have no more word to say except, "I can't take this," she nods, "Yes you can," she says giving me a cold eye the same time. I feel like if I say one more sentence, she will be very pissed off so instead I mumble, "Thank you." She fake a smile then cross my hand with hers and walk toward to the parking lot as if she can't wait for today to be over.

As we walk out of the mall, Danny is waiting in the front door.
"Hi," he surprises us.
"Hi," we both reply with a surprise tone. Sam jumps up to him as soon as she sees him, he catches her then pushes her away immediately as if he didn't know what he is doing right now.

"Are these the clothes you bought today?" He asks me as he looks at all the bags.

"Actually Sam bought..."

"Yes, Teddy brought all of them," Sam interrupts me again as she walks over. Danny nods and keep staring at me as if he couldn't bring himself to look at Sam.

"Teddy want to ride the bus home," he asks, knowing for a fact that I love bus ride. "Thank you Sam for taking Teddy to shop today," he adds.

Before Sam could say another word, Danny takes my hand and walks toward the bus station. "Did you have fun today?" He asks.

"Where were you all day," I ask, ignoring his question.

He lifts his hand up and start to rub the back of his head, "Well," he mumbles couldn't answer my question. He must have done something again and immediately I know, I don't want to know about it.

"Danny, are you fighting with Sam? Did you two break up?" I ask changing the subject that I really want to know about.

"I'm giving her another chance..." He mumbles.

"So you don't like me then..." I ask without thinking while I could feel my heart broken a little.

Danny shakes his head, "Of course, I like you as a sister," he says. I smile as I walk and jump to the bus stop pretending to be fine with it but in my heart I'm disappointed. What?


Danny's POV

I see her happily walk to the bus station, now I know Sam is right... She could never love me other than brother.


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@Me: I figure it would be a twist if Sam didn't punch Teddy in the gut, so that is why I choose to write it that way.
Published: 3/12/2014
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