Overprotective Brother - Chapter 13

After that fight... misunderstanding... yay is misunderstanding, what will each one of them do, (there it is... There's *Surprise!!*)
Teddy's POV

I can't face Danny anymore, every time I see his face I remember what he said that day "I wish I never had meet you as my stepsister..." it hurt me like a stick strike straight through my heart anytime I thought of it.

He truly hates me and I don't blame him; I admit I am a pain in the butt, it a miracle he stands by me all this time but I guess he finally had enough. Whenever I see him in the hallway, I turn around and walk the other way, try my best not to annoy him anymore, giving him the peace and quiet he deserves. Dare myself not to turn around and stare at him one last time.

First few times when I ignore him on the hallway and turn around, I feel a grip on my arm as if someone is stopping me from walking away. When I turn around there is no one I know, only strange faces walking past me. I think my shirt might just be caught on other people's thing and walk away, then the pulling did stop after few seconds and I see him on the hallway; that is when I'm sure it is just my shirt stuck on something.

Now the school days are like a route-team, get up, go to school then come back home and go to sleep again. I'm sure Danny is doing fine without me, he always does. Between me and Danny, mom, and dad were more worried about me than him ever since we were child; that is how it works. On the other hand I'm trying my best to be alone, and get used to ignore him.


Danny's POV

Stupid, stupid me, I only realize what I had said to Teddy after I got out of the house. When I decide to turn back and explain what I meant, I see my parent's car driving toward home; that's went I decide to wait, I'm sure Teddy will hear me out any time soon.

Then the next morning I oversleep on the park bench and arrive late at school after three periods are over. Crap. Then I walk to the cafeteria in fifth period hoping to find her in the noise room. Instead of finding Teddy, I find Sam with her friend.

Sam pulls me by the arm and forces me to meet her new friend. The instant I see them, I tighten my grip, remembering she is the girl who hurt Teddy at that party a few years ago. She is the one who injured her so badly that she even had Amnesia for couple of months, after doctor said she is fully recovered, she couldn't remember any details of the party including the people's face. All she knows was he was the guy, used to be friends and some girls; since the guy won't spill all of them out.

The minutes they see me, their face literally turn black and awkwardly wave at me. I turn around annoying by the fact that I can't punch them in their face and walk off while Sam tag along with me.

She seems to notice the atmosphere between me and her 'so-called' friend but instead of asking she just keeps silent. During the entire period, Sam and I walk around the school silently. I'm not asking her if she knows where Teddy is and she is not asking me any questions.

Two periods later I wait in the corner of a hallway where Teddy's classes are. When Teddy comes up the stairs and sees me, she just ignores me as if I'm not there and walks away. I catch up to her and grab her by the arm, turning her around but I stumble on something and fall right about the time she turns. She looks around for a few second then continues to walk forward as I miss the chance to finally talk to her.

After that I try for a few more time but every time when we were about to face each other, we always miss it by a call of a teacher, or my guy friends and more so.


It had been weeks since the last time I talked to Teddy, the longest time it has ever been ever since we met. I start to get along with Sam and find some comment interest between us; she does make my heart jump but she can't make it go crazy like how Teddy does it.

Today I tag along my suitcase and arrive at the auditorium of school where all the Senior meet up. There I spot Sam as she waves at me as soon as she sees me walk through the door. I walk to where she is then search around the room for Teddy but it didn't seem she is here yet.

"Danny, I can't wait to get there, this will be so much fun," Sam says holding a notebook in front of her which included all the names of restaurant and famous places she has to visit at Las Vegas since we plan to sneak out at night to go around ourselves. Sam and I also have planned some of the places that Teddy would definitely love as well just after I explained what I meant that day to Teddy first.


Sam's POV

Danny is such a sweet and loving guy, I think I fall more in love with him than before but I know he still has feeling for Teddy who finally agrees to try to date a guy. I wonder if they had a fight since Teddy tried to avoid him and he's been trying to talk to her but he doesn't get a chance to do so.

He is planning to talk to Teddy during the trip then all of us will walk around Las Vegas but I know for a fact she won't give him her time since I have planned a date every night on the trip. So at the end Danny will be mine this whole time.

"I'm here, going to walk in any minute," Teddy texted me since this will be the first day she started to change the personality I have prepared her for; I am so proud of her. Danny will be so mad but I am preparing to grab him by the arm and hold him back from running it for Teddy.

From far away, I can hear gasping, soon a student turns to face the door due to their curiosity. A few seconds later Teddy walks in with a cute, bit girly tops and a BLUE JEANS? I told her to wear a skirt not a jean. I totally should have gone to her house and made sure she wears it. To the surprise reaction of the boys, I guess she never wears anything fancy... does she?

Just like I predicted, Danny starts to rush toward her, before he does I grab him by the arm, "Danny come down, you know if Teddy chose to dress that way it mostly means she want to change, so being a good big stepbrother as you are, you should support her," the word rushes out of my mouth in a panic.

Danny turned around staring at me as if I am an enemy to him, "Let go Sam, I need to talk to her now," he shouts then turns toward Teddy again, "The Teddy I knew would never wear that kind of dress..." he adds with depressed voice as he falls onto the chair like a dead waste.

I sit down on the chair next to him and place my head on his shoulder, "People change Danny, sometime is for the best of them," I comfort, but he didn't seem to be listening to my words at all. At least I think my plan is working.


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