Overprotective Brother - Chapter 15

Here is the new chapter, let's find out what happened after Teddy pulls Jose into the room. Please comment and tell me what you think.
Teddy's POV

I got to admit this makeover wasn't a bad idea at all. At first I was so nervous about it that I took off my skirt and switched to jeans, getting a little bit of my style back. Once I walked out of the house wearing this new style clothes, I felt more confident for some reason... maybe because of pink color or maybe with all the different kind of stares I received from people; I just felt like I can do anything.

But! What the hell am I thinking? Why did I just pull Jose into the room? My mind was blank when I saw Danny smiling at Sam with the same smile he used to have when he was with me, all I wanted to do just now was to get away from it but my hand suddenly grabbed onto Jose and pulled him in with me. There has to be something wrong with me.

Jose on the other hand leaned against the wall watching my every move as I sat on the counter or occupied place where a mirror was hanging.

I flashed a smile toward him feeling a little awkward since he might be here to talk to Sam not me. "Sam will come back any minute and sorry I pulled you in here all of sudden," I said playing with my hair.

"I was actually coming over to see you," he said staring at me, watching my every move, "I mean I was surprised when Sam told me you agreed to try to go out with me since Danny always keep a watch on you and never lets any boy come close to you a bit."

"He was?" I asked, shocked by the news, never heard of this.

"He was... All the boy he fights against when they talk bad about you, they all just want you to notice them but Danny keeps beating them off no matter how many people there are. Everyone are sacred and don't even have the guts to talk to you..." Jose explains.

That explains it... after what I heard I hated him in half of my heart and glad he did that in other half. I hated him because he controlled my life and my friends without asking me. I was also glad because he protected me from all the jerks in the school. How sweet... Danny is always cute, sweet and charming...

"They even think you and Danny are secretly married," Jose was continuing on saying something but I blocked him out and only heard this sentence. My check started to blush and I couldn't help it but to smile.

"Danny loves me, he would never love his LITTLE SISTER," Sam said at the door destroying my heart.

"Of course, we were only joking around," Jose said smiling "Now he got a girlfriend, he doesn't even talk to Teddy much. Your relationship is not as deep as we thought," he added looking at me with sympathy.

I felt like crying again but when I was about to Sam came and hugged me, "It's ok, I tried to convince Danny to talk to you again but he kept delaying it, saying he..."

"He never wants to talk to me again or even see me, and he is tired of protecting me?" I interrupted Sam before she could finish. Sam nodded and patted me on the head.

"I'll be here for you Teddy, you're like a sister to me," Sam said the sweatiest thing ever that touched my heart; I thought I trusted Sam more than anyone. She then pulled away and looked at her watch, "We get to go now, the schedule state we have to be in the lobby by 11:30, is 11:25," she said rushing toward the hanger and grabbed her purse. Then she pushed me toward Jose, "Jose, this is Teddy. Teddy, this is Jose the boy who asks you out or is going to. Opps," she covered her mouth with her hand.

Jose held his hand in the air, "Hi, I am Jose," he smiled as my hand met his, "Would you go out with me?" He asked before I could said 'hi.'

"Sure and Hi, I am Teddy," I replied smiling too.

"Nice to finally formally meet you," he said shaking our hand.

"Did you kid get to know each other, yet?" Sam asked standing at the door. By the sound of her voice we let go of each other's hand then flashed a smile toward her. She smiled brighter than the two of us and mumbled, "Great," as she opened the door and found Danny standing at the doorway.

My body froze and my brain went numb, every word in the world disappeared soon I will turned into dust meanwhile the thought 'Danny hates me' speared in my brain. If it is not for Sam I don't think I would ever be able to move an inch and so as Jose saw; he looked like he saw a ghost or worse.


During entire ride down in the elevator silent fall upon, Sam kept holding onto Danny meanwhile I focused my mind on the poster in the elevator; there were bar posters, dance, and theater poster as well. They all looked amazingly fun and I couldn't help it but to grab a piece of Jose's shirt and pull it. "Didn't this poster look super fun to you?" I asked thought it was Danny's shirt which I pull.

"It does actually," Jose replied, for second I thought Danny's voice changed but soon I realize it isn't him; it is Jose. "Hi, want to sneak into one of this when we come back here at night?" He asked. I suddenly felt an evil, strong, and frighten glance appear from behind, slowly beating Jose down. Jose fell onto the elevator floor shaking uncontrollably.

"Jose, are you ok?" I asked bending down, he shot me a smile then glanced at Danny and turned back to look at me.

"Teddy, this is not working out, maybe when we graduated then we can go on our date," he said shaking even more. I nodded felt a kind of relief that my date tonight was canceled at the same time I noticed myself standing where I was at all these years.

"Teddy..." Danny called out my name.

I felt as my body melt and turned toward him, waiting excitingly for his answer. "Danny, Sam, Teddy, and Jose, you four are late," the principal yelled into a mic while the speaker was glued on his belt.

Danny gave me an annoying face and walked off with Sam. I grabbed one of Jose's arms helped him up on his feet then walked to the group, "Jose, I am sorry you don't like me anymore," I said trying to be as nice as possible.

Jose looked shock, "No, I still like you, I have a crush on you ever since fifth grade when you lend me that teaser and the bright smile you had on that day," he said with sparkle in his eyes that attracted me, it reminded me of Danny's eyes whenever he had crazy ideas.

"I am glad you like me, to tell the true I kind of like you too," I said biting my upper lips.

Jose grabbed my shoulder and turned me to face him. He leaned in aiming for my lips as he stared right into my eyes while pulling me closer into him. For some reason I kept imagining Danny who was about to kiss me. But it was Jose.


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@Emeka: Good idea, I never thought of that before. Teddy should have some girlfriend *Wink* who knows. Thank you.
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