Overprotective Brother - Chapter 16

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Danny's POV

My intentions of protecting Teddy add up through times ever since I discover or should I say get to know her more. It is like fate placed me right beside her, cheer her and love her, stay with her until we both grow old.

I feel like losing my mind when Jose that bastard asked Teddy to go to a bar, dance, and theater at night. How dare him; getting close to Teddy when thing aren't so great between us. I couldn't control myself but to turn around and use my evilest and strongest glance at him. Jose, the little baby fell so scare which he falls onto the ground. When he did I just want to laugh, how ridiculous he looks but Teddy was in the elevator too, so I couldn't.

I all satisfy and walk out of the elevator where Sam staring at me with a sigh telling me what I did was horrible. I don't care as long as Jose get out of the way, I'm good.

"You're all late," Principal says pointing at his watch with a 'You're wasting my time expression on his face.'

"I know," I say like I don't care but Principal didn't seem to listen to me instead he is staring toward the elevator, surprise. "What is it...." I mumble as I turn my head toward there and spot Jose that horrible bastard who will ever never good enough for Teddy pulls her by the shoulder while leaning in. Teddy on the other hand seeing to be ok with it, she did not show any sign of rejection, meanwhile her hand is in her pocket doing something.

He will die...

I'm about to rush toward them but then my phone rings and there, their moment is ruined... since Teddy and I have the same ringtone she pulls out her phone and checks it as well. I'm so happy and thankful for whoever called me at that minute and pick up the phone "Hello?"


Teddy's POV

When Jose leans in, and my only reaction is to go along with it, even if he isn't Danny or someone who I heartache for. He is super nice and I think it is just a kiss... my first kiss.

Then it starts to hit me, it will be my first kiss. I shouldn't just get it away to just anyone. Without a thought I reach into my pocket and hit the number one which straight dials to call Danny. One second later, his phone rings while I pretend I thought it was mine and break the moment, saves myself. Jose on the other hand seems to be annoying by the call and walk toward his group of friends, leaving me all alone again.

"Hello?" Danny's voice appears through the phone; who doesn't check the name of the contact before he picks it up. I place it next to my ear and listen to it, "Hello?" He asks again.

"Everyone onto the bus, we're already behind schedule," Principal shouts into his microphone loud enough for everyone to hear. I hang up the phone call and catch up with the group.


Danny's POV

I keep greeting 'hello' to the person who calls but he or she just didn't answer me back. When Principal yells into the microphone "Everyone onto the bus, we're already behind schedule," I could hear it from other side of the phone as well. I pull it away from my ear and check the contact number and realize it was Teddy who called me. She is asking for help through her phone to mine.

Sam pulls me to her girlfriends as we all approach onto the bus, I seriously can't handle their girl talk any longer; all they talk about is gossip. I stand up and walk next to one of my buddy then do our own handshake.

Principal and Teddy arrive on the bus last as they talk to each other, laughing. Teddy sits on the first row on the bus where only the teacher can sit while Principal gets the bus microphone, "Well, good afternoon everyone. Today we'll only simply go to Las Vegas famous shopping street. According to our schedule we will be staying there until tonight at 9. So basically entire day," he announces "Now you can go wherever you want from Street, even if you are lose just call a cab and tell them to go the Stratosphere-Casino and you guys will be home," he added meaning he will be somewhere having adult fun. He pauses then sighs, "Now, I expect every one of you to be a good student and do not touch the Casino machine. And enjoy."

Seriously? You're telling us to not to play but you yourself are holding bunch poster about every Casino. He didn't know how to hide his intention at all. I sigh and look out the window still amazed by the city.

Few minutes into the ride laughter of Teddy and the Principal appear in the front seat. I stand up to check and find a smiling Teddy with red cheek that caused by their jokes and so is the principal. They see to get along.

"Yeah, he loves birthday cake so much that each year, he would grab the bottom of it and smash it into his face so no one else but him could eat it and what is the worse is he is still doing it," I hear Teddy saying and suddenly I get a feeling are they talking about me. No, no Teddy knows a lot of embarrassing things about me but she wouldn't tell him these, would she? I stand on my feet, keep listening worrying my embarrassment would explode.

"No way, he is such a child," Principal laughs harder "Remember the first time he got into a fight?" He asks her and she nods, "That day it was my first day as Principal and also the first day of school, so I don't know what to do with him. I stand in my office thinking of a punishment..."

"Shut, shut, shut," I scream while running up from my seat to theirs, interrupting their good time, "Stop, don't you dare," I say, breathless while holding onto the bus handle.

They brush into laughter like they thought of even funnier things about me. I just stand there trying to catch my breath, "Stop talking about me please," I beg.

"Why do you think we were talking about you?" Principal asks crossing his arm in front of his chest. Teddy turns toward the window pretending as she is enjoying the view.

"Because I heard..."

"We're here," the bus driver announces opening the door, "Hi kid, if you are actually the boy they were talking about," he says patting me on the shoulder "You are so childish," he adds and falls into laughter.

As soon as we arrive, Principal disappears into the thin air and we all separate from each other to enjoy the city. Sam pulls me with her before I could spot Teddy again but soon the city attracted me from my thought as we walk down its street. And I bet the city is doing the same thing toward Teddy.


After the sunset, the street light plus building light brighten up the place, Sam and I did 4 to 5 hours of shopping and we're tiredly walking on this crowned street.

Suddenly two girl bump into us and fall onto the ground, before I could say 'sorry' they just get up, totally ignoring me then run off like someone is chasing after them. As soon as I spot them, I recognize one of them is Teddy; same clothes, same hair style. The girl which runs beside her is a mess, she seems to be tortured for a long time. "Sam, does one of them look like Teddy to you?" I ask pointing at them as they run farther.

Sam stares at them carefully, "Yes, it kind of does," she says. Then two or three guy in security uniform pass by us chase after them... What the hell is going on?
Published: 4/1/2014
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