Overprotective Brother - Chapter 17

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Teddy's POV

This city is full of delight and cheers; crowded with car, horns, and people. Buildings attached my focus as I walk down from the bus. I start to wonder and wonder with no final detestation, no worries.

When I notice I was in front of "Rainforest" hotel, their theme is Jungle. Plastic leaf leaning on the wall in one end to another, down the staircase there's a gift shop called "Rainforest gift shop" with wildlife stuff which also printed with their hotel's name including machine or stuffed animal and real animals. In one corner of the shop there's a small pond, in the pond lay a mechanical alligator ready to attack. Every few second, it move forward its upper body and roar.

I walk around the building checking out every corner, and when I had finished the tour I go onto another hotel that is nearby. They each have entirely different theme and style which attract customers but not until we live in each one of them for a night we never truly know their true beauty.

After 3 to 4 hotels, I arrive in front of a half-side Eiffel Tower. It is truly magnificent, in the inside is just like walking in French; if I wake up in here after a night I would totally thought I have been transported into French somehow.

I lose in the theme of hotel and appear in its guest room floor lost of direction. I'm lost in this maze, couldn't find the exit or the elevator; why is hotel room always confuse the crap of out me?

I run around the building trying to find a way out, meanwhile the silence in the floor scare me unbelievable. The longer I'm stuck in here the more freaked out I am, hoping for some stranger to come out and get me some direction. I run back and forward seeing the same room number repeated over. When I finally run out of breathe, a guy with a security uniform walks out from a room.
"Who are you and what are you searching for?" He asks as if he had been watching me for a while.

"Sir... I am searching... for ... the ex..." I mumble while trying to catch my breath.

"Searching for ex... what?" He asks me already sounded annoying while scratching his head using a stick that have blood stink on it.

A loud crash occurred in the room catches his attention. He immediately closes the door and goes back in. I sigh, feel relief but before I could go back being scare of silence in the hall again, the door of that security suit man clashes open and a girl with a sloppy, thorn clothes run out. She grabs my hand and pulls me with her "Do you know how to get out of here?" She asks as I can see bruise all over her body.

I shake my head to response then turn around seeing three tough-looking men with security guard uniform chase after us with weapon in their hands yelling for us to stop running; I think they are actually yelling toward her.

"Don't listen to them," she starts to talk just when I was about to get up "if you stop running now they will kill you since you already have seen their face and my," the strange girl warms me with a serious look.

"But..." I mumble "I got nothing to do with this?" I argue as she pulls me into the emergency staircase and runs down from 7 floors instead of staircase.

"Sorry, girly," she turn towards me giving me a smile, "they won't take any chances," she says feeling bad about pulling me into this, but at the same time she's seeing happy for some reason.

We escape the complex hotel and exit to the crowned street. She pulls me toward the opposite direction intending to run toward and squeeze between people use all her strength. "We're losing them are we?" She turns and asks.

"Yeah," I say looking behind. Then both of us bump into some stranger then stand up immediately saying "Sorry" and continue to run again; not wasting any minutes to see who we bumped into.

After half an hour or so, we finally lose these guys in a quiet neighborhood. Men they are tough to lose, I'm out of breath standing in the sidewalk. The strange girl walks near the side of a house and peek in. She then waves me over telling me to come along as she walks farther into the backyard.

I slightly shake my head refusing to commit any crime but then a guy's voice appear from far scare me as I run into the backyard of that house and find the girl already have the backdoor wide open while waiting for me.
"Come on in, the owner is not home," she says, walks into the house first and switch the light on.

"Isn't it a crime to sneak into a person's house uninvited?" I ask walking in which appear to be a kitchen and gasp by the gorgeous design of the place.

"Is a crime is the family that live here is present, but it didn't seeing they are. There's a thing about Las Vegas house... they are almost always empty, expected holiday," she says grabbing the fruit on the table and take a bite. Then she walks into the living room and turns the light on, "We'll be save here."

That sentence reminds me of something "What's your name and why there are guys chasing after you? What did you do to them, are you a criminal?" The question brush out of my mouth.

"Shouldn't you introduce yourself before you ask question about others? Where are your manners?" She says with a voice of drama queen while jump herself right onto the sofa.

I stand silent thinking all this through before I say another word again, clearly she is dangerous or she can cause danger so I better not develop close relationship with her.

She suddenly starts to chuckle and break the silence between us.
"What's wrong to scare to ask anything? Well then let me start first then, my name is Zahava and that is all you need to know for now," she says smiling. "Oh, and welcome to my world; Cheers," And I feel more scare than ever.


I blink once, then second, getting used to the bright light that shines through the window. "Morning," Zahava says sitting right next to my head as she has a cup of wine "Did you have a nice sleep?" she adds.

"Mornin..." I shoot my head up straight and look around the room; letting even that occur last night sink in. Then I let out a sigh "So, it wasn't a nightmare it was real," I mumble to myself wish last night was a nightmare.

"Oh, girly other people dream about adventures," Zahava says slipping some water from the cup, "I'm the one who accomplished your dream, you should be thankful," she adds.

"Being chase is not my dream," I reply shaking my head while lifting my upper body up from the couch.

"It always been mine," she corrects me and swing her cup around like a mature adult.

"Can I leave?" I ask rubbing my eye afraid these tough-looking men will chase after me again, "These men won't search for me and kidnap me, would they?"

"Yes, yes they would as long as they didn't catch me," she replies and winks "You can't leave unless you want to be kill but lucky I do have a plan to get rid of them and I need a partner," she says with puppy dog eye asking me to help her.

"Why are they chasing after you, what did you do? Are you working under some company to destroy their competition?" I ask letting out my imagination and some even which I once saw from the movie.

She brushes out laughing, "You have great imagination but no; is none of your business anyway. You only need to completely the order or mission whatever you call it that I tell you too and you will be safe enough to go home and never get chased by them again," her voice suddenly become serious all of sudden.

"It doesn't invite any killing does it?" I ask while my hands shake unstoppably.

Her serious face turns into a smile while she tilted her head, appearing a teenage side of her "Don't count on it."


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Published: 4/8/2014
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