Overprotective Brother - Chapter 18

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Teddy’s POV

I have no choice, but to listen to that devil and help her with her plan in order to gain back my somewhat normal life I once had. The plan sounds easy and safe, all I have to do is to record or should I say stalk a man in a restaurant he will be attending. I don’t know who that man is or what he do for living, but Zahava seems to have some kind of business she needs to finish with him which are now my problem as well.

I follow Zahava onto the street and sneak back to the hotel I was staying. As we arrive at the hotel lobby, I see Principal and Danny talking to a police officer. I walk toward them and hear, "She didn’t come back to the hotel at all yesterday and…"

"Danny," I interrupt knowing he is talking about me, I must have worry him in great deal, "I’m back," I add having a warm feeling inside of my heart knowing he cares.

Their attentions immediately turn toward me as I awkwardly waves with a smile on my face. Danny run up and hugs me. He hugs me off the ground and circles in air, "Where the hell have you been? I have been worried all night," he says and stops at some point.

I land my head on his shoulder, "I’m sorry Danny, I just been catch up in something, but is all good now," I say feel nice and safe; realize this is the first time we talk in week and somehow we back to our normal-self.

"I thought you get in some trouble," he mumbles and places me back on the ground, "Can’t you at least call me," he adds looking straight at me, "Thank goodness you didn’t get hurt."

Before I could reply Danny, Principal, and police officer come forward, "Where have you been young lady, you have disobey the school rule and now you will face dissepiment to your action," Principals said pointing at me.

There is no way he would believe me if I told him what actually happened, "I just fall asleep on a bench that’s all," I argue, but regret saying that the second later since that is the stupidest excuse ever.

"You actually think I would believe you fall asleep on a bench instead of playing in one of hotel Casinos?" Principal says staring at me with evil eye.

"No, I didn’t, I would never touch a Casino’s machine ever," I argue while wishing for him to believe me in my head.

"Now you find the girl then that mean my job is done, I will be going," the police officer cut in, he pet Danny on the shoulder then walk out of the hotel room.

"Tell me the truth Teddy, where were you last night?" Principal continues to ask.

I turn around hope Zahava would help me out since she is the one who drag me into this mess. But now she is nowhere to be seemed.

"Principal please trusts me that I wasn’t at a casino; I would never disobey law…" I said realize I am in big trouble meanwhile I have no good excuse to get out of it.

Principal takes a big breath then pets me on the shoulder wants me to stop talking, "We will decide your discipline action once we’re back to school, enjoy your freedom while you can," he says then walks away toward the Casino in the hotel.

"Where were you?" Danny asks with his arm crossed in front of his chest, as if he hasn’t heard enough answers, "You weren’t really in the Casino were you?" He asks.

"No, I wasn’t," I argue with louder voice, shouting toward him tired and annoying by everything.

"I saw you being chase by some security last night, what the hell was that about?" He continues to ask with the same face, "What troubles are you in and how the fuck did you get out of it?"

"Wait, did you told Principal about that?"

Danny shakes his head, "If I told him about the security guard, you will be in even more in trouble," he mumbles, "Teddy, what is going on?"

"Were you the one who told Principal about me? Did you?" I ask as he nods proudly. I frown with winkles on my face, getting more frustrated than ever at the same time angry, angry that he doesn't cover for me when I need him to.

"I was worry that you might be in some life-threatening situation," he explains, "Stop avoiding the question Teddy, what the hell was last night about, where had you been?"

"Why didn’t you cover for me instead of telling about me?" I scream, there’s nothing on my mind right now then blaming him for caring where I had been, "I couldn’t have get into trouble if you cover for me, for one night. Why didn’t you? I wouldn’t have to deal with this stupid discipline action stuff."

"I would have cover for you if you have called and let me know if you are ok and still alive," he explains actually feel bad for what he have done, "If I know you’re alright then I wouldn’t have told him. Teddy you know, I will do anything for you… to help you and protect you."

I turn my head away from him as none of his word gets into my head. Instead I'm even angrier, "You’re a control freak Danny, who only wants to control my life," I say. The second I said it, I regret it.

"Teddy," he mumbles follows by a pause, as he drops his head.

"We’re through Danny," I say walking toward the elevator hall and head back to my room.

Some senses kick in as I realize how wrong I was, but the word is out and I can’t take it back. I start to feel ashamed of myself to blame everything on him, "I’m sorry Danny," I mumble when we are already hundred miles away.

I press the going up button repeatedly; rushing couldn’t bear minutes longer where Danny is. I run away from my trouble just like always.


I run into hotel room and drop myself on the bed letting out a huge grunt, hating myself; wishing for a due over at everything to hug Danny instead of blaming him.

"Sweetheart you ok?" Zahava’s voice appears near, "I have picked an outfit for you to wear to the dinner tonight and there be a perfect place to hide the camera," she says excited.

I lift my head and peek only to find Zahava's head closely on the side staring at me while smiling creepily as she sits on the ground. There are bunch of fancy like clothing lying beside her head as her hand petting it like some kind of treasure, "I see you have some boy problem, was that your boyfriend?" She starts when I don’t say a word.

"How did you get up here and how do you know this was my room?" I ask sit up on the bed scared; she knows more about me than I do about her. I mean she could be some master criminal whom every-country wanted to catch than I would become her partner and arrested by the police as well; I swear some time my imagination went wild.

"Oh, sweeties, you look horrible, did your boyfriend dump you just now because he finds someone better? Is ok, honey, you will be able to find someone way better than him; I promise," she says as her finger reaches the ledge of my eye and wraps some tear off.

"He is not my boyfriend," I say with the angriest voice I could ever do, "Now how the fuck did you get up here?" I ask still thinking about her criminal theory.

"Was he your crush? Oh, you get some nice taste, he is very handsome and look outstanding," she says as if she is dreaming about him and fell for him already, "What is his name by the way?"

"No, he already has a girlfriend," I reply and she finally calms down, before she starts to ask question again I brush in, "How the hell did you get up here Zahava?"

"I may or may not reach in your bag when you were asleep last night and go through everything," she says acting all cute again which irritated me even more, "I find it and took it just in case you run away before I get a chance to talk to you, but who knew you were such sleepy cat."

Why am I not surprised when she told me she had gone through my bag? I don’t know, but I know I have no word other than become more secure and scare of her; at the same time I have to depend on her.


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Published: 4/15/2014
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