Overprotective Brother - Chapter 2

Teddy meets Sam through Danny. What will happen?
Teddy's POV

Three periods have passed and I still haven't seen a sight of Danny, what if the principal calls my parents and ask them to come in to have a word with him... If that happens, Danny will get into even more trouble or even get into a bigger fight with dad... what if they start to fight in school... I start to get lost in my thoughts and fantasize about the worst thing that might happen.

Then someone taps on the shoulder, I get back to reality and see Danny standing next to me. The minutes I see him, I jump into his chest. He catches me in his chest and hugs me tighter. "You worry?" He asks.

I nod and drag my face into him more. Yes, our relationship is kind of weird to most of people around us. To someone who don't know we're sibling they might actually think we are dating, but it has become a habit that we couldn't change one bit of it, not matter what people say.

After like 30 seconds of hugging, we pull away from each other, "Did the principal call our parents?" I ask, and wonder since he did call my parents every time he gets into a fight.

"No, he let me off the hook since today is the first day of school," he smirks.

Before I could talk, a strange girl with blondish hair and beautiful blue eyes walk up to us, "Danny right?" She asks.

Danny's attentions turn to her immediately. "Sam, how is your first day of school?" He asks, and smiles even more.

"It's going pretty well," she answers. I just stand there awkwardly, while checking out this girl. She looks exactly the same height as me, her eyes, nose, mouth and even her ears match perfectly together like an angel.

"Teddy," Danny calls out, I snap to my senses "Yah?" I ask.

"Teddy, this is Sam Hunter, she is new to school," Danny introduces then turns to face Sam, "Sam this is my little sister Teddy who was born only a few hours after me," he smiles.

Sam's smile suddenly become brighter. "She is your sister? Not your girlfriend?" She asks, while trying to hide her happiness that is brushing out of her.

Danny nods, "We do look cute together, don't we?" He says, placing his hand on my shoulder and brings me closer to him.

"Others say that if we're not siblings we might end up being the most prefect couple," I joke, put my hands on his waist and lean onto his chest.

"I can already picture you two as a couple already... If you aren't sibling," Sam says trying to continue the joke. We laugh for a short amount of time then quiet down. As soon as it is quiet, the warming bell for the fourth period rings.

I let go of him and walk forward, "I have to go but it's very nice to meet you Sam," I say walking away.

"You too Teddy," she says waving.

I turn around and fast walk towards English class, hoping to get there before the bell rings. As I turn the corner, I sneak back to see them once more, seeing Sam and Danny still standing there continuing to talk.

When I arrive to the class, right then the bell rings, but after five minutes Sam arrives as well. She greets the teacher and sits in the empty seat at the very end of the class. Usually, English is the only class where I concentrate the most but today my mind keeps jumping back to the moment when Danny sees Sam, and how his facial expressions change.

Then I remember that was the look he showed when he dated Jamie, a girl who may or may not look similar to Sam. 'Does that mean Danny likes Sam now?' I ask myself while tilting my head a little.

When the class is over, I walk toward Sam. Before I have a chance to talk she asks "Teddy do you want to have dinner at the Pizza place near the mall with me and Danny tonight? Danny said he will take you along, but I want to ask you first so there won't be any surprise," she explains.

There won't be any surprise to me at least... because since childhood no matter who goes on a date with whom, we always go together even if one of us didn't have a date whatsoever. That is pretty much the reason why our relationships with dating people never last long.

It all started when Danny tag along with me and my date... Just kidding... It was me who tag along with him and his date actually. Around that time my parents wouldn't let me stay in the house alone so they asked Danny to let me tag along. We weren't that close yet, so during his date, he gives me the dirtiest look every time our eyes meet.

Throughout the year it becomes a habit which we both couldn't erase. We cannot go on date without another which is kind of bad...

"I would love to," I smile and walk out of class with Sam heading to lunch.


As the school ends, I wait at the front door in case he changes his minds about having a conversation with dad. Then I'm right, he hides his head by covering his head with hoodies and walks in a group, so I will not be able to spot him that easily.

I run after him and grab his backpack since he is too tall for me to actually grab his neck. As soon as he feels the pull, he puts his hands up and says "You got me, I was looking for you but I couldn't find you," he makes the excuse.

"Really, you didn't think of call out for me so I could know where you are or do you even think of call me on my cell?" I ask, not believing what he says.

He turns around scratching the back of his head, "Well..." he mumbles but couldn't continues.

"Let's go home..." I say grabbing him by the arms and walk towards my car, "After you makeup with dad, let's get you dressed up so you look good on your date, tonight," I add.

"It's not a date and you are coming with me, without you it will won't feel right," he smiles.

I sigh and mumble, "Ok, I will go with you," like I have no choice.
Published: 1/15/2014
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