Overprotective Brother - Chapter 21

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Teddy's POV

"What? Can you repeat that?" Sam asks frustrated near the doorway as she wakes me from my deep sleep.

Sam and her gang of girls interrupt my moment with Danny last night. They blast in the room without knocking and see us kissing. Their sudden appearance make me jump as Danny response the same. We pull apart as nothing happened and separate.

Sam and her girls know exactly what they saw. Before other girls say anything, Sam blush them and Danny out to the room yanking, using tired as an excuse.

"I need to finish my talk with Teddy," Danny say staying in the room.

"I don't care, get out before I call the teacher and get you in trouble," she threatens him. He looks at me worried as he step backward toward the door. I simply wave him off even that aren't what my heart telling me to do.

He nods, and walks out of room with no argument then disappears from my view. Sam slams the door loudly as she turns around and gives me a glance, I knew immediately what she is going to say.

"What the hell were you doing with my boyfriend and your brother? YOUR BROTHER," she says showing her true color, "How disgusting, I know you're a slut but I have no idea you are such a boy stealer! Me and Danny finally hit off when you two have a huge fight and get out of his life so don't you dare to think you can just makeup with him and ruin our relationship," she continues getting everything off her chest.

I feel no desire of apologies or explaining since Danny had been my brother as long as I can remember and our 'love' just happened naturally unlike hers so she might be jealous.

"If this goes out around school, yours and Danny's life will be ruined, forever. Everyone will learn your true nature and how disgusting you two are, but I won't tell as long as you stay away from him. You better think about it and decide wisely about the situation."

I ignore her comment and snuggle under the warm blanket, close my eyes while replaying the moment where Danny and I are alone in the room where we speak out our true feeling, these warm and fuzzy atmosphere where I could never forget for the rest of my life.

The next thing I know I fall asleep.


When I wake up this morning I overheard, "I'm breaking up with you, sorry Sam, is not you is me," Danny replies. I couldn't help it but to smile.

"Could you repeat that? Please?" Sam asks again, becomes impatient.

Danny chuckles, "I think you heard me loud and clear, don't play dump; it makes you look stupid."

"You..." Sam pause for a second "You're breaking up with me? Are you breaking up with me for Teddy? Teddy.... Your SISTER," she sticks out the 'sister' part out loud.

"STEP, STEP sister, no BLOOD RELATION," Danny explains walk past her and comes near my bed. I shut my eyes and freezes up pretending to be asleep.

"Wake up sleeping beauty," he mumbles, placing his head one inch from mine as he playfully poke my cheek "Wake up," he whispers moving closer to me.

"Sister are still sister, that didn't make any differences," Sam bites her teeth, "Just watch as I ruin what's left of your high school life," she mumbles storming out the room, couldn't stand it any longer.

We didn't care what she will do while I pretend to just wake up. I stretch my arm in the air as Danny grabs onto my wrist and pull me in for a hug, "I know you were pretending stupid," he tightened his grip "I miss you," whispers and kiss me on the cheek.

Heat... burn... love? Or whatever this hot feeling in my body is, immediately surface. Since this is my first time feeling this way, the only thing comes to my mind was to hide. I pull away from him and lift the blanket over me, hide me into a space where I can finally calm down for a bit while I could still feel Danny's present.

Danny chuckles up seeing me react this way. "Sorry, too much?" He asks petting me on the head. "I'll go slow on you," he adds still chuckles.

I stick my eyes out of the blanket, "No, no, I should be the one who says 'sorry' since I freak out for no reason and stuff," I mumble hearing the beating of my heart loudly than anything else. "But, is like my first time being in a relationship... so..."

"I'll go slow," he finish my sentence smiling like a idiot in love, "You look like a newborn puppy who's afraid of world right now... so very cute," he whispers making me blush more than before.

"I hate you," I jokey punch him.

"I love you too," he chuckles while taking the blanket away from me. "Go change, we have to gather at the lobby by 8 remember?" He reminds me, pulling me off the bed.

I couldn't help it but to be like a little kid "But I don't want to get up, the bed is so warm and comfortable, is like a heaven in here."

"Really?" He asks let go of me as I fall back onto bed "Maybe I can cuddle with you then since it is so comfortable," he adds jumping to the other side of bed and lay beside me.

I jump out of bed and fall on my butt due to the surprise, "One second thought, I should go get dressed," I say standing up and look at him. Once again there's a smile hanging on his face, probably thinking I'm gullible or something.

The sound of heartbeat get louder while for some reason I want to go back and lie beside him, being with him closer than ever. I stop myself before doing so and head to the bathroom like a robot. When I get in, I shut the door and lock it with a big sigh of relief.

I brush my teeth, wash my face and brush my hair, including a pinch check for reality just to make sure everything that's happening right now is real not a dream.

After finishing everything, I step out of bathroom and find Danny standing right in front of me.
"Hi, are you ready?" He asks holding out his arm.

I simply nod as I intercept my arm with his then walk out of room.

We head down to the lobby in the elevator while joking around like always. But when we arrive, I notice everybody's attention is on us.

Danny holds onto my hand as he pulls me forward toward the crowd. As we pass by, everybody whisper to each other's eye and give us weird looks.

Somehow on the path, I let go of his hand and stand there, let the reality hit me right in the head.
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Published: 5/15/2014
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