Overprotective Brother - Chapter 22 (Part 2)

Teddy last her memories....?
Teddy’s POV

The next things I know I am lying in the bed of my rooms, no memory of past few hours at all. Every time I try to remember something, a headache start.

All I remember is Sam and other two girls taking me or dragging me somewhere, but I couldn’t make it out exactly where or why am I in bed right now.

The room is completely empty. No sight of Sam or anyone else, I am completely alone. At least I think I am.

I sit up on the bed and find myself wearing a pink pajama with a rabbit head near my chest. I have to admit it is cute but I never seen this pajama before, it isn’t mine. I would never wear something this cute.

This creeps me out. A lot, I was in front of a chocolate factory and I twisted my ankle… Now I remember, I twisted my ankle. I reach down on my ankle and softly touch it while preparing for pain to start. The super weird thing is… My ankle if perfectly fine; I don’t know the reason behind it or anything since everything is bur.

In order to be completely sure I stand up and start to jump around the room like a kangaroo. It turns out, it didn’t hurt at all like what happened in front of chocolate factory is a dream. Unless it is.

I run to the desk where my phone is and quickly check the time "7:05" it appears "P…M?" I couldn’t believe my eyes. How can it be PM? How long were I asleep and whose pajama is this?

I run to the door and rush out. As soon as I’m out the door, I spot Danny and his group of friends. Their attention immediately turns toward me as I stand there looking like an idiot with pink.

Without a single word, they start to chuckle in silent including Danny. Soon little chuckles turn into laughter and laugh with all the might. I just stand there and laugh at myself with them since I had done so many embarrassing things in front of Danny throughout my life I’m used to it, instead I find it idiotical.

When the laughter dies down, I approach Danny, grab his shoulder and pull him into the room. All the other boys shout out "Ooooooo, the couple is making out." They joke, and seem to have no problem about our step sibling dating at all.

Danny gets them a joking stare and follows me into the room. He shut the door behind him while having a big smile on his face "You're awake," he mumbles.
Published: 6/11/2014
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