Overprotective Brother - Chapter 22 part 1

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Danny's POV

The moment Teddy's hand left mine without warming I know something is wrong. I turn around and face her "What's wrong?" I ask. A frown show on her face as her eye wonders around the surrounding then comes right back to me. I instantly know what troubles her. "Teddy ignore them, all they do is gossiping lies," I say loud enough for everyone to hear.

She shakes her head side to side as water gathers around her eyes. "Danny, I need to rethink about this entire situation," she whispers. Before I could reply and comfort her she adds, "Please, please get me some space," the frown on her face grows.

"Alright, I completely understand and I 1000 percent support you," I pet her head understanding her confusion and frustration about us since I'm going through this kinds of things as well at the same time. I just can hide my feeling better than anyone else.

I shoot a glance at everyone and give them a warming of not to bother neither Teddy nor me. They immediately turn their back on us and stop their whispers. Give us piece of quiet.


Teddy's POV

Danny, my reliable... 'Lover' (is still a little embarrassing for me to call him that) taken care of situation in the lobby then walk away, give me a piece of quiet I asked for.

There were mix feelings. It slowly surfacing in my heart when Danny gets farther and farther away. I start to miss him already while a sign of relief comes out of nowhere and last of all I feel a need from him as if I won't survive a day without him.

Is this how love supposed to be? Or did I mix it up with some other kind of feeling I don't know of...

Should love be this way? I don't understand and I certainly don't get it. I continuously think about the feelings as I get on the bus and let it take me somewhere the school plan.

Even on the bus I can still feel people's stares including some whispers. But that didn't bother me at all. The only thing that really bothers me is how I feel right now, how messed up emotion is it for me. The more I thought about it the more I'm confused.

When the bus reaches to a final stop, a huge billboard of "Chocolate Factory" appears outside my window. Turn my frown upside down.

Chocolate... My favorite dessert of all time, the only food that could cheer me up no matter what. What a coincidence?

Students one by one follow, leaving the bus to explore the factory. I stand up on my seat and wait for the people in front of me to leave. Damn, they couldn't be slower than a turtle. I literally want to jump out through the window because of them.

At this moment all problems in my life flow away leaving child like mind with silly actions. When I arrive at the exit, my mature side completely seal off while the childish side of me full in the blank control me to jump off the stairs of bus and twist my ankles. Not my best move.

I quickly catch everyone's attention and become the fool of school who get excited just because of chocolate. Principal, teachers, and Danny rush over. They bend down while asking what's wrong.

I conform them about my twisted ankle with my head down, full of embarrassment. Danny takes a grip on my hand, gives me strength and comfort, I didn't even know I needed it.

"Your leg is twisted badly, go back to your seat since there is no way you can walk in this state," a teacher with medical degrees come to this conclusion.

Smile turn upside down just when I hear the sentences. I lift my head up to the teacher's level as I figure out a way to insist on going to the factor. I mean what good reason can I use to go in while I have hurt my ankles this badly. Because I love chocolate more than anything else?... nope that could never work, teacher would only think of me being a chocolate creep or something.

"I will buy everyone of them for you to taste," Danny whispers to my ear. I turn my head facing him with a curious face. He blinks at me then walks away.

I have been living with Danny as long as I could remember. I couldn't even imagine a life without him. He certainly understands me more than anyone at the same time, I understand him more than anyone as well there is no way he didn't know how much I like chocolate... Probably.

Just when I think about Danny getting the chocolate for me, Sam and her group of friends make their walk down the bus. Here comes the trouble.

"You poor thing, I feel horrible that you couldn't come with us to the chocolate factory. But you don't belong on this bus as well," Sam says snapping her finger.

Two other girls walk past Sam and approach me. They both entwist their arms under my armpit and carry me off my seat. "Let's go teach you a little lesson, shall we?" Sam asks tilting her head with a smirk. Other two girls let out small chuckles.

My brain freezes whenever this happened and I get nervous. I don't know how to react nor to scream. All I can do is to freeze there without a single word or struggles.

"Help," I'm finally able to scream out.
Published: 6/5/2014
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