Overprotective Brother - Chapter 24 (The End)

This is the last chapter guys, thank you so much for the support. It is so sad when something has to end, it had been a great journey. I will keep posting stories on this website though.
Teddy's POV

Danny and I are planning to tell our parents about our relationship and get their permission. If that didn't work out and if they try to separate us, Danny and I are going to move out of home and get a place of our own.

I know, moving out when we're still in High School sounds dump, horrible, stupid, and deep down in my mind I know that is a horrible idea but in order for us to be together Danny and I are willing to do that, we are willing to do anything. Just think about it renting an apartment of our own... us getting a part-time job meanwhile we could attend the community college, best of all we get to live together.

Everything sees perfect in our little fantasy... Everything, until the dinner before prom our parents tell us the true story about Danny's birth after acknowledging our feeling and our relationship.

The night is prefect and I think if that continues, nothing will ever go wrong. Man I'm wrong.

Hours before the dinner I'm in the kitchen helping mom prepare the food for dinner. Tonight is prom night and our parents just had to see us eat before we could ever head out, no argument whatsoever.

Meanwhile I want to break the news to my mom about my date... Danny, as he is going to break the news to dad.

I'm so nervous, while I try to find the right time before I ever tell my mom. She thinks I'm going to the prom with my friend as a group. She never expects me to have a date nor she ever thought about it.

"Teddy, now you have to be careful. Don't drink nor smoke nor even talk to stranger," Mom warms me the thousand's time "Be caution, there are horrible man out there, don't trust anyone. Even though Danny might look out for you during the dance but you can't expect him to look out for you the entire time," she mentions, Danny and my heart start to pump a mile a beat; I have no idea I'm feeling guilty or nervous but I get sweaty and I warm.

"Oh... ok..." I say facing away from mom "Mom..." I call out playing with the tool on the hand "Can I tell you something..." I add feeling even sweatier.

"What is it??" She asks cutting up vegetable to make the salad.

"Well... I... Sam and I are going to an after party in the city after prom," I panic and say something else that comes first in my mind.

"Be safe, ok. You girls can't trust anyone, don't even talk to strangers even if he is handsome and looks like good guys," she warms me again "Take a hundreds dollar just in case."

"There something else I want to tell you," I take a deep breath "Well..."

"Oh honey, can you pass me the wooden spoon on the counter?" Mom asks fixing up the salad, she doesn't hear my last sentences at all.

I pass her the spoon and stand right next to her staring at the salad that is being mixed. This is harder than I imagine especially at the time that you actually have to tell her.

No matter how hard I try to tell her, I freak out and change the topic immediately. When I notice, dinner is prepared, mom places the meal onto the dining room table one by one as I prepare the plate.

Just then Danny walks into the room with Dad, he looks sad, hanging an unaccomplished expression on his face... I guess he couldn't tell him as well.

I grab onto one of his arm and drag him to the living room "Did you do it? Did you tell dad?" I ask even though I know the answer to it.

"I... couldn't do it. Dad keeps talking to me about how safety is important and other stuff that I just couldn't cut in and tell him about us," Danny covers his forehead with his hand "You?"

I shake my head side to side "No, mom keeps telling me to watch out for stranger tonight and drinking..." I step forward and embrace him "What are we going to do?"

"Well," he wraps his arm around me "I know I want to hug you like this for the rest of my life," he mumbles and kisses me on the cheek.

"Danny, I'm being serious," I pull away a bit in order to see his face.

"Me too," he says with those charming eyes which I couldn't resist whatsoever and fall in love with him all over again. "Want to tell them together? On the dinner table?" He suggests, is not a bad idea at all.

"Yes," I nod "We'll do that," I bury my face into his chest searching for comfort and bravery that will let me make through tonight.

"I will be there right next to you Teddy, I love you," he mumbles, leans down and gives me a kiss on the lips.

After few seconds of hot kissing him, I pull away "I love you," he repeats these three amazing word again "No matter how our parent react, we will stay together forever," he says and I nod. I have heard those sentence thousand time, every time I hear it, my heart skips a beat.

"Danny? Teddy? Let's eat," mom calls out.

I take a big breath in, hold it for few seconds then let it out "Ready?" Danny asks, I can tell he is nervous too from his voice.

"Ready," I reply, hope for the best.

Danny heads to the dining room first as I follow behind. The only thing I fear me the most in this world is not able to be with Danny, this night could be the night where my life could turn completely upside down, but one thing I do know is that Danny and I will not be separated.

We sit right next to each other on the table as Mom and Dad sit right across us. The atmosphere becomes heavier around us and I'm scared, my heart is about to jump out of my chest into the plate right in front of me. Just then Danny reaches out his hand for mine and squeezes it. I turn to him and give him a worried look. He reacts to my look with a smile.

That smile calms me down as I turn my head back on the table with little blush.

Without any warming, he speaks, "Mom, Dad... Teddy and I are dating, we love each other and we hope to get your guys permission."

I froze, my entire body did. And so did my parents. I can't believe he just spilled it out like that, OMG and our parents didn't react to it at all, they don't know how to react nor what to say; I think.

"Amelia," mom finally opens her mouth.

"Yes, mother?" I reply scared to hell for her reaction.

She didn't continue she just sits there in the chair and didn't continue her sentences at all. On her face there's sight of disappointment.

"Well, that just ruined the appropriate," my dad adds, he throws the knife and fork he is holding to the plate. "But the relationship you two had is forbidden."

"No, there is no way I can live without Teddy," Danny argues out.

"Be quiet you bastard." Dad says cruelly, he lost his temper "If I haven't adopted you from that orphanage place then you would never have a family like this. And this is how you repay me? By dating my daughter!"

What!! I don't understand any word Dad just says. What does he mean by orphaned? Is Danny an orphan?

"What's the problem if I date Teddy? We're not blood relative at all, is perfectly fine and is not against any law," Danny fights back.

"I will not let you flirty bastard touch my daughter," he shouts. His word get me the dad feeling, as if he is my birth dad even though I know it is impossible. "Now, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE," he points at the door.

I stand up from the chair and get a hold of Danny's arm "If Danny leaves I will leave with him," I say as we entwisted our finger.

"No, you're not young lady," Dad points at me, his entire face burned red and I could see blood in his eyeballs as well.

"That is enough," my mom shouts, she slaps the table "Danny go back to your room, Teddy you go back to your room as well," she orders pointing to the stairs "And calm down honey," she walks over to the angry old man and pets him on the chest.

We hold on to each other's hand and go upstairs but we didn't go into the room instead we sit on the floor leaning against the wall.

"Danny," I call out staring at him, I still can't believe what I heard from Dad and I want to hear the truth from his mouth "Was Dad telling the true? Are you..."

He flashes a painful smile "Yes," I could hear the pain in his voice "I'm sorry I haven't told you earlier," he apologizes.

"I really don't care about those things at all," I say feeling an urge to grab his face on both side and kiss him for the rest of the night.

"Teddy, there's something you should know," he adds. Our hands are still entwisted, there is no way we're going to let go of each other "Your STEP Dad... he is your birth father."

"You're kidding, right? We have nothing in common he is so different from me and I clearly remember I had a Dad before my mom met your Dad," I say but realize the mistake I make "I mean... Before my mom met my STEP Dad," I correct myself.

"Your mom divorced him before you were born, she thought he couldn't be a good father. Then she remarried some other man but that didn't work out so well." Danny starts to explain as if he knows everything, "At that time your dad came to the Orphanage and adopted me because he wanted to show your mom how great father he was," he looks on the ground "That works out at the end and your mom agrees to remarry him... They decided to keep me as well."

"Danny," I couldn't stand his depressing voice any longer "THEY are YOUR PARENTS TOO," I shout, with tears in my eyes and stick my mouth out a bit showing him I'm angry by the way he talks "Don't talk like that... You are their son too."

"Teddy, to tell the true I don't want to be their son," Danny replies and I am out of my mind.

"Why would you say that?" I ask hitting him with my free hand.

He grabs that hand and pulls me in "Because, if I wasn't their son, I got to marry you."

Tears fall from my eyes and I am moved by the sentences. There is no word on Earth that can explain how I feel right now. I lean in and kiss him deeply on the lips.

"Why don't we make a deal Danny?" Dad's voice appear from the stairway, we stop kissing and turn toward the stairway. He is standing there, he seemed so much clammier than before.

"What kind of deal?" Danny asks tightening his grip on my hand.

"The kind of deal which we all satisfy," Dad replies, he sits on the stairs "Your mom and I decided to UN-adopt you from the orphanage. You have to move out and we won't forbid you to date Teddy. But you have to prove to me that you can live on your own, be a man."

Dad's deal is reasonable but I don't like the part where he has to move out of the house "Deal," Danny says holding out his hand.

Danny takes it and shakes his hand, "I don't think you can survive on the outside world all on your own, by the way. But when you fail, then you will never get to see Teddy again," he let go and walked away.

I can tell that Dad really hates Danny and is all because of me.

"Danny, are you sure you will be ok?" I ask him worrying about him "Let's move out together. That way at least you'll have someone to look after you."

"Idiot," he squeezes my nose "I will be ok, there is nothing to worry about. You're the one who is actually very worried," he points "You can't cook, can't do laundry and you are the clumsiest girl on Earth," he pulls the distance between us closer "Wait, for me. I will be back for you," he says.

"Don't take too long..."


The next morning Dad and Danny went and did it, Danny becomes Orphan again but this time he had me. He moves out of house and rents a house in the nearby place. I can still see him during school but whenever the school ends, he immediately become busy and works his butt off. I wish I could help him out but every time I try, he declines, I know he is trying to be a man here but I worry about his health as well. He looks so much thinner.


After we graduated from High School I never saw Danny again. He went to some city school in the big city with scholarship as me... I went to the college 20 miles away from my town. The four years pass and there is still no sight of him. Those four years were the longest four years of my life, everyday felt like eternity of loneliness.

On the day of college graduation I go home, and mom and dad are there awaiting for me. To be honest I'm little upset since I'm expecting to see Danny. He wasn't there.

I hide my disappointment in and have a good talk with my parents. Every few minutes I look out the window to check if there is someone at the door but it always turns out to be a disappointment.

By nightfall I lose my mind and start to cry. Mom knows the reason and comforts me. 'Danny will never come back, is he?' The thought pops into my head and I get so scared. I shake my head, don't want to think about it but it just keeps on repeating itself. I scare the hell out of myself.

After a while, mom suddenly makes as excuse and leaves, "Teddy, honey I got to do the laundry," she unwraps my arm around her waist. Then she places a teddy bear in my arm and leaves. At the same time dad leaves the room as well.

It's just me sitting there and crying, until a pair of hand covers my eyes "Guess who?" His voice sounds so familiar and yet so mature, I immediately know.

I let go of teddy bear in my arm, turn around and give him a slap on the face "Where the hell have you been?" I shout. His face smashes against the ground.

"Sorry," he apologizes. I can tell that he is surprised by my slap but he so deserves it.

Giant smile spread across my face "Danny," I fall into him "I miss you, you stupid."

He sits up from the floor "I miss you too," he places both his hand on my shoulder and pushes me away. "Wait," he mumbles reaches into his pocket while getting on his knees.

"Are you going to beg me for forgiveness? Well, that won't be given so easily," I say having no idea what he is up to at all.

He pulls out a ring from his pocket, "Will you marry me?"

"What... do you... think..."


Published: 9/29/2014
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