Pace Needs To Grow

Just like that again a beautiful poem.
I don't know why I am so slow,
The pace of life today is asking me to know,
She is telling me to get up every moment,
She is asking me to rejuvenate with the flow,
I am person of thinker kind,
Always find me in troubles with diplomatic minds,
I need to improve upon my pace,
Today I realize why my dad called life always a race,
I need to run,

This mare fast walk is not enough to reach big one,
My problems are many,
One by one I am trying to settle down.
But how much I try, this life remains always dry,
It's not the point that how much I lost,
Or how much is still to come my way,
But life says, be fast otherwise you will fade away,
There are lots of things in my mind to repair,
I am heading towards a world without despair,
Keeping in my mind my boundaries,
He is with me all the time,
His name is god,

Strengthening my courage and determination,
My inside always keep talking to me, it keep asking
Why I remained a looser always,
Maybe it's that its demand is more,
According to my situations I need more things to pour,
Any ways, try and try till you die,
Keep changing with things around and let your creativity fly,
I am trying my best, using my best things to repair the rest,
It's really working as well,
My achievements are increasing and all Is well
Published: 2/1/2010
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