Pages of Me

Waiting to be written...
From out of the shadows I found a new book,
Nervous and trembling, I hold you to look,
A few friendly words began this new page,
Ended a chapter of hurt, pain, and rage.

I bookmark this story to read it anew,
New joys to discover each time I'm with you,
My cover is battered, beaten, and torn,
The words in my heart are faded and worn.

I stumbled upon you, a friend from the blue,
Who could have known the direction this grew,
This story's not over, I can't let it end,
My blank page awaits your love that you send.

Like any good story we have our delays,
Fighting to be joined till the end of our days,
We'll overcome trials, mistakes, and travail,
Together, my writer, there's no way we'll fail.

I lay here before you, open and bare,
To feel your pen touch me and show me you care,
I await now, so eager, your words to fill me,
The brush of your whispers to say this will be.
Published: 6/6/2013
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