Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 11

The one person I remembered.
I approached Lindsay seeing her standing near her car. She turned to reveal her beautiful innocent face to me, but she was not Lindsay, it was my girlfriend. I immediately pressed my lips to hers. After the breath-taking kiss we went to a café and had coffee, her favorite coffee. There was only some minutes of silence and soon there were so many people in and around the café, this part of the town stayed crowded almost all the time and that day was no exception.

Soon the so-called perverts also came; they were the real bad guys of the school and could just do anything whatever they wanted. I hated them most, especially because I knew they simply picked any girl and passed cheap remarks. But my blood boiled when I knew today they were going to pick my girlfriend. They didn't even care that I was sitting right there and they pulled out the chair of our table and placed themselves carelessly. And that's when the fight started; actually not exactly then, but when one of them made some nasty remarks about her.

I woke up all sweaty when I realized it was all a dream and it was just very similar to what happened in the café with Lindsay and me. But it was clearer and the girl was not Lindsay, though she looked almost similar to her. I could clearly mark the differences. She would be a little tanner than Lindsay and also thinner than her and way younger - her face had the innocence of a kid. She had a lighter shade of brown hair with a darker shade of blue eyes than Linds. I could clearly remember her, her face - it was more angular than Lindsay's.

I would not say they looked same or twins or sisters, but they did look familiar. And what my dream reminded me, she was my - girlfriend. Probably that was why I was instantly attracted to Lindsay. Oh my God, this thought just resulted in some more sweat beads on my forehead. Shivers ran down my spine. Before I could think any further, I grabbed the glass from my table and gulped it down in one go, making my shirt wet - not only by the water that escaped my lips but also by sweat.

"Where is she? What's her name? Could she be waiting for me?" So many thoughts crossed my mind. And they were altered as soon as they occurred. Why would she be waiting for me anyway?

Who waits for a criminal?

The rest of the night was sleepless, blurry and restless. My mind constantly went back to Tehachapi and for the first time in so many months I was trying my best to bring back the memories. I was putting constant pressure on my already worked-up and tired brain to get something, something more from the past so that I could at least get rid of this oh-so-friendly headache.

It was four am in the night (or morning) when I considered getting some beer down my system and the chilled beer helped me a bit until I found out that it was the next morning and I had to go to work. I wished there could be holidays like in school, speaking of which I could not remember if I ever went to school and had holidays. However, I brushed my teeth, took a long shower and was at the breakfast table on time.

"Morning, how did you sleep?" Andrew was looking cheerful as always. But what was I supposed to answer - my night was scary?

"Um fine." I really did forget to wish him back. Without looking up, I grabbed an apple and started munching on it when I felt Andrew's eyes boring into my skull. Did he feel bad for not wishing him? He could not have. I looked up to find out a pair of very confusing eyes looking straight at me in a demanding manner.

"You are drunk? In the morning."

A mixture of question and statement. In all these days I had got to know that I did not smoke and I rarely did alcohol, because I could not handle alcohol that well. So, me being drunk in the morning - was definitely something not at all expected. But I had brushed my teeth, was I that drunk? How it did not affect me much? The last time I could remember drinking beer, was with Andrew and I had almost passed out hardly after two drinks.

Well, Andrew was still looking at me for an answer. I would say he had the right to know, but what to tell. He definitely knew way more than I dreamed last night and remembered.

"I had a girlfriend?" I put up a question to him. His emotions immediately turned to realization and then worry and then sympathy. I wondered how well I had come to know him in few months.

He finally nodded letting out a sigh. Now it was my turn to look at him expectantly. But he still remained silent, probably debating on whether to tell me or not, because I might not believe what he said. But I could believe this thing; after all I dreamed it and I could clearly remember her face till now.

"I dreamed about her last night." Now he seemed relaxed, as I expected him to speak, he got up from his chair and threw the plate in the sink.

"You really loved her a lot. Your mom once said to me that you were considering proposing her. Your family also liked her too much. I have not seen her, not even a photo. But your sister used to say she was beautiful."

"She almost looked like Lindsay." I blurted out.

"Oh then she must have been a very beautiful girl." He went on to put his coat on, but then something hit me. Didn't Andrew say, "She WAS beautiful?" Was she... was she dead?

"Andrew!" I turned around in my seat to find him wearing his shoes. He just looked at me once and then back to his shoes.

"You just said she WAS beautiful. Does this mean... she is... I mean is she there still?" This gained me a long pained look from Andrew. It seemed like there were hundreds of questions related to this one question which I asked. And I knew if Andrew answered them all, I was not going to believe.

"You will come to know about it." He picked up the car keys from the table and headed towards the door. "I am heading for the store. Come soon." Without even looking at me again he was out of the door.

Now this left me in a real difficult situation. What was it about her? About everything I had tried asking Andrew, he had always given only that much information which I could believe, but he was always calm. This time, I could see he was in pain with my question. This was definitely something about which I had to find out anyhow, but I knew I was not going to like what I would find out.
Published: 8/19/2014
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