Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 3

Once he was done, I got up and found somebody staring at me. Oh, it was probably me... I looked... Different, completely different. Please be patient with this story as one thing comes out at a time.
Getting to know more about the New Life

Not that I was ready to accept that I had a sister, but still the behavior I got from her really hurt me somewhere. However I decided to move on in life and see what life had got in store for me. My dad came from behind and patted on my back. I looked back and nodded at him acknowledging that I understood what was happening. My mother already had started dropping tears. I smiled under my breath, but my sister's face did not go from my mind. She behaved really bad.

My mom dragged me by my hand and reached a table which had a birthday cake, obviously it had to be my birthday cake. My dad lighted the candles and gave me a knife pointing towards the cake. I wondered when I last cut my birthday cake. I tried hard to remember but nothing came into my mind.

"Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday..." My mom and dad started singing as soon as I blew the candles and cut the cake. It really felt awkward that I was cutting the cake and blowing the candles, all because I just wanted to make these two old people happy. They might not be that old, but they looked really old, all thanks to me. Suddenly a thought was going on in my mind - it was possible that I might have gone to jail because of some knife like this - I might have murdered someone. So many people talked about my crime - they said murder, assault, rape, robbery - it was like they talked whatever they wanted. I listened everything, sometimes got angry and got punished for my violent behavior, but gradually I got used to it.

The thought of killing someone made me feel sick. What I could have done to deserve six years in jail. In all those six years I never thought about it, but being at home - this thought was suddenly bothering me. Why? I shook my head when I realized that I was still holding the cake and my parents were expecting my next move. I took a piece of cake near mom's mouth and she quickly caught my hand. She twisted my hand in my direction and made me eat the cake. I didn't know when I last tasted such tasty thing.

The cake melted in my mouth and for some reason I had a lump in my throat. I couldn't exactly describe the reason for my emotions. I had these lovely parents whom I had ignored for so long, but they had never ceased to shower their love on me. Then I was getting to eat such a lovely thing which I couldn't even remember whether I had anything like this in the past. Believe me, it might sound weird that I was behaving like I was a poor man who had nothing to eat for so long and having a piece of cake was my dream, but it felt so good. I fed the rest of the cake piece to my mom and dad, and they were more than happy.

Everyone might have experienced happy tears and for me it was like the first time ever I was seeing happy tears in my parent's eyes. Soon I was dragged towards the dining table and seated there.

"I have made your favorite dishes, wait here, we will have lunch together." My mom said smiling big and went into the kitchen while my dad just accompanied me at the dining table. Literally I did not have anything to talk about and probably my dad was just so happy that he decided to stay silent and watch me. It was different and awkward, though I knew he was my father, but I felt different knowing he was watching me.

Thank God soon my mom came back with four plates in her hands and she put the plates at the four edges of the table. I remembered what she said some time before. My favorite dishes? How did she know what were my favorite dishes. Ha, even I didn't know what my favorite dishes were.

God, it was killing me from inside. Soon the table was filled with tasty looking food which included some chicken, beef, breads, salads and so many things. My mouth started watering at the sight of these yummy dishes. The smell of the food entered my nostrils and I felt like jumping on the food.

"Jessie, come down for lunch!" My mom shouted looking up, towards the stairs.

"I will eat later." Came the raged reply of my sister.

Well, so her name was Jessie. For a moment I felt bad remembering how she slammed the door after seeing me. Did she hate me? Why would she hate me? Oh, how could I forget that I was in jail for six years? I would have definitely done something before so... Well the smell of the food was not allowing me to think more. I literally ate like a pig not bothering whether anything was left for others.

My mom and dad were watching me, but I did not bother to wait for what they were watching or what they were thinking. I ate and ate until my stomach hurt. Probably my mom knew my appetite, because I saw there was still food left on the table. Thank God it was there, that meant they all had food for themselves.

"Go and wash your hands." My mom said pointing towards the sink. I went into the kitchen and washed my hands looking around the kitchen. Did it look familiar? I thought, but no. As I came outside, my dad came near me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Come, I will show you your room." He led me towards my room.

I glanced at my mom over my shoulders and understood she was smiling. I accompanied my father to my supposed room. He reached a room on the ground floor. As he opened the door I had the first look of my room.

"You take rest. We will talk in the evening." He said and left the room quietly shutting the door behind him. I turned towards my room. It had light blue painted walls which surprisingly I liked. It was calming me, the room smelled good. Other than the big double bed with white covers, there were wardrobes, table, chair and books. Seemed like a study environment. What interested me more was the big window which had deep blue curtains. It was a very good match. I meant light blue walls, deep blue curtains and white bed covers - very soothing.

I opened the wardrobe and found out some very nice clothes neatly folded and kept inside. I took out some loose trouser and went into the bathroom for washing my clothes. It was out of habit, I had to do all these things in my cell back there in prison.

My bathroom was spacious and it had the big bathtub which was filled with water. There was this washing machine, where I put my clothes after removing each and everything I was wearing. I could not stop the urge to get into the crystal clear warm water. I quickly got into the water and took bath until the washing machine beeped showing my clothes were done. I came out and wrapped myself in a towel which was there in the bathroom.

Everything was so neat and planned. I put on the trouser and it felt comfortable, as comfortable as if I were wearing them for long. I came back to my bed and sat on it. It felt smooth and really soft. I lied down on the bed and started to think what was happening to me, but before I could think more, I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up to some sound, it felt like some spoon and plate sound. It was dark. I looked at the window and could not see much, it was evening already. The watch showed 7 pm which meant I slept for 7 hours. Oh my God! The sound of plates again came to my ears; I slowly opened my door and came out. The rest of the house was lighted, there was no one to be seen around and the sound was coming from the kitchen. I went to the kitchen and saw Jessie taking out the leftover lunch. She had no idea that she was being watched.

She was my sister but I didn't feel anything for her now, not even sisterly love, but as a guy I could not help but notice - she had short black hair same as my hair color. She had a good figure, I knew I was not supposed to be checking her out, but this was just... well there was no attraction or anything. I did not feel anything towards her. Suddenly she turned catching me staring at her.

She gritted her teeth and without any single word she started leaving the room. I dared not speak anything to her and just followed her outside. I was not exactly following her, my intention was to sit on the couch and watch TV, but probably she also wanted the same thing, so it almost became like I followed her. As soon as she realized that, she turned back and started going towards the stairs carrying the plate in her hand.

I did not say anything; basically I had nothing to say. I went to the couch and she went onto the stairs. Her flip-flops were making small noise on the stairs, and then she suddenly stopped. Without turning back she said, "Mom and Dad have gone to the church. They will be back soon." With that she went to her room.

Church. I should also go and see something outside, to understand the world outside. I went into my room and grabbed a shirt and a pant. To my surprise, there was some money in the wardrobe, without thinking much I put it into my pocket. I did not bother to comb my hair or to look at the mirror. I just headed out not knowing where I was going. I just wanted to go somewhere and feel what freedom is.

I didn't know where I had to go, but as soon as I stepped out of the house I could see the neighbors were giving me disgusted looks. I did not understand, I came here for the first time and people had already started hating me. Why was that? Well, it might be the same reason for which my sister hated me. And how could I forget that I had forgotten everything. I was not new here; probably these people knew me and knew what I had done.

I ignored everyone and moved ahead. There were shops, park, and volleyball ground on my way. I did not stop until accidentally I saw myself on the glass of a shop's door. I looked awful. I went inside the shop and asked if I could get a saloon and after giving me a similar look as others, he answered my question.

After searching for some time, the saloon came into view and I got into it and thankfully the man over there did not give me a nasty look, probably he was new here. I told him what I wanted and relaxed onto the chair. While he was cutting my hair and shaving my beard, I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the soft smooth fabric of the chair.

Once he was done, I got up and found somebody staring at me. Oh, it was probably me... I looked... Different, completely different.

Suddenly I felt good-looking at myself in the mirror; I doubted the image which reflected me in the mirror. When I was out I got mixed glares from people. Some people continued to give me nasty and disgusted looks while I noticed some girls gasping. I did not bother to even look at them. I wanted to show myself to my family, suddenly I had this urge to run home and show mom and dad about how different... I looked.

And that was what I did, I remembered the way which I came and started running back towards my house. I was happy unknowingly but that did not last long when I reached my house. What was happening at my house - I was definitely not expecting something like that.


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Published: 11/1/2012
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