Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 5

The only thing I did not know at that time was - a big change was coming through that door. (I know very less people read and commented on last chapter, still I wanted to update this story. Let's see where it goes.) And yes, I have no idea if there is a train like the one mentioned in the story.
Welcome to the New Journey

I looked at my packed bags, the ironed black t-shirt and jeans placed properly folded on my bed, the ticket in my hands and finally at the mirror. The tear that had rolled had now trailed a dry line on my cheek. I got up from the bed leaving the ticket below the pillow again. Soon I was leaving the place and I had not yet seen my house properly. I had only one hour to start for the station and I decided to utilize this one hour to get to know this house which was supposed to be my house also.

I came out of my room and found out Dad was sitting on the couch, his fingers entwined over his little overgrown stomach, his eyes closed and a frown on his face, his legs stretched over the small table in front of the couch. Mom and Jessie were cooking something delicious, but I did not want to get attracted towards it. Nobody had seen me, so I slowly started to explore the house.

I had seen enough of the living room and my room, I did not want to go to the kitchen and disturb them, and so I started with a closed room which I guessed it to be the guest room. And not to be surprised, that was the guest room, things were not very properly organized there. The furniture, the bed seemed neglected. I did not mind, next room I entered was my parent's room, they were not in, so I did not need to knock before intruding. The bed was perfectly made with a calmly white bed cover. It was a perfect bedroom. Near the bed was a vase on a table and next to that a family photograph sat which obviously included four of us.

I looked at it properly, I looked so small then, and my face had innocence. My sister was very small, must be starting her high school or something. I placed the frame back and took a look at the frame of a happy couple. They really looked very happy together, the happiness which was clear in that photo was missing on their faces now.

Then I went through the stairs to my sister's room. As soon as I entered her room, the first thing I noticed was, her room was filled with enormous light which was coming from another door. She probably had the most beautiful room in the house. There was a balcony in her room which showed a pretty nice horizon. I moved back to her room and saw her bed and the cupboard. This was not a typical girlie room, it more seemed like it had been preserved for someone. She definitely didn't stay here always.

And then my eyes wondered to the numerous photos hanged on the wall. There were 2 or 3 photos of the whole family and 2 or 3 of her solo photos. All others were mine and hers; it took time for me to recognize myself in the photos. There were photos of me and she smiling, hugging, playing and holding hands. I was sure each photo might explain something. The photos could tell it all, I must have been very close to her before. But now she hated me, for the second time today my eyes watered.

Finally, I came out of her room and this, being a small house had no more room left. I had spent a good 20 minutes in Jessie's room and thank God, she did not come back while I was there. When I came down, my mom and Jessie were about to finish cooking and dad was on the porch calling somebody. He finished his call and turned to face me as I had just reached the living area.

"I have called a city taxi, which will be here in 20 minutes or so, get ready; we will leave in 20 minutes. The station is far from here." He had tried his best to hide his sadness, but somehow I managed to understand how hard it was for him to ask me to leave them. It was all because people here just couldn't accept me - not even Jessie. And I, not being able to remember anything, was just making things worse. If I would have remembered something, at least I would feel sorry but that was also not happening.

Hardly had I accepted my family and home, but as if that was not enough, now I had to move to a new place. Well, there was one thing which was keeping me calm - In the new place I wouldn't have to remember anyone. Everything would be new for me. But what was the place name, I had looked at the ticket so many times, yet I had not seen where I was going. What the hell! I gave a nod to my dad and went into my room to find out where I was going.

I saw the ticket and found out it was for NEVADA City, California and the ticket said the journey was of approximately 7 hours. It was going to be a very long journey. Anyway, I put on the shirt and jean and combed my hair, looked at myself in the mirror and was ready with my bags. My dad was also ready when I came out of my room. My mom packed the food and placed it in one of the bag. She had tears in her eyes and she did not bother to wipe those tears off.

My dad's face had fallen off. Jessie was unbelievably silent, her face showed so much hurt, but she was just silent. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the house. Before getting into the taxi, I looked back at the house once, only 2 days in this house and I already felt so familiar; however it was, I was going to miss these people. I gave a last look to my mom, she was shaking. When I looked at Jessie, finally she had a tear on her cheek and we drove away.

Once the train arrived, dad hugged me tightly and started crying. He took my bags inside and I got into the train. I could see him through the glass and he was standing even if the train had started leaving. I finally braced myself and got my mood into the new journey of life. My train would reach at 6 am in the morning.

I wondered whether somebody would be there to receive me. Probably Uncle Andrew would be there. Dad had told me almost everything about Uncle Andrew while we were coming to the station. He was a lonely man, his wife had died some years back and he had no child. He ran a bookshop and was self-dependent in the most pleasant way.

I had my dinner and tried to sleep without forgetting to set my alarm at 5:30 am in the watch, otherwise I might forget to wake up at correct time.

Beep... Beep. Beep... Beep. My alarm sound was enough to wake me and some other passengers up. I stopped the alarm and looked outside - it was still dark. I checked out my bags properly and patiently waited for 6 am. Sharp at 6 am, the train stopped and the door opened. I came out to see if anybody was waiting for me and I found out a gray-haired man in his heavy winter coat was looking in my direction. It seemed like he knew who I was, that must be Uncle Andrew.

"Welcome Carson!" I smiled and said "Thank you." I followed him outside the station to a very nice car waiting for us. I did not know Uncle Andrew would be that much rich, I thought a bookshop - how much he would be earning?

His house was not a very big one, but a medium one. There were 2 bedrooms, one guest room, the living room, the kitchen and a garage. But it was decorated very nicely - seemed like he had put his own ideas and love to this house. Later he explained me that this was the house where he and his wife were staying. He loved his wife so much and the house was still the way she wanted it to be.

I was shown my room which contained white bed sheet covered king size bed, 2 large cupboards, a huge mirror, a nice bathroom. I was still checking out the room when Uncle Andrew appeared in my room.


"Yes, Uncle!"

"Call me Andrew; it helps me believe that I am not that old." He joked and we both laughed a little. He has been friendly so far.

"Liked your room?"

"Yeah, I love it." I said looking around the room.

"Your aunty and I had always thought it to give this room to our child, but we never had a child. You were always that child which we had missed, so I wanted you to stay in this room." I just nodded. So probably, I was close to Uncle - I mean Andrew and aunty. I can't even remember aunt's name. I just remained silent.

"Well, today you just take rest and move around the city if you want to. Tomorrow I will take you to the bookshop." I looked at him blank. He came near and put a hand on my shoulder.

"Look Carson, I know you don't remember anything. I will not push you for anything. But I guess working with me at the bookshop will keep you busy and will give you some money earned with respect. See, I am also growing old even if I don't want to admit it." He smiled a bit and continued, "So roaming here and there for book collection from vendors and book deliveries, and running here and there in the shop is not an easy task for me. So you do all the running around and I do the accounts. Think about it and tell me. Will you?"

I nodded a yes and he left the room. Forget about everything, but he has a point - "this will keep you busy." And who would give me a job without any experience at the age of 24 and with a criminal record. So, I had decided, I would work with him. So when I was called for breakfast, I revealed him that I was ready. That day he went to bookshop and I roamed around the city.

Like in Tehachapi, I could see all girls looking at me and gasping. Did I look that good, I had forgotten about that. That day was not eventful. Andrew prepared nice dinner and taught me how to prepare. We got along very well.

The next day I went with Andrew to see his bookshop. As his car stopped in front of the bookshop and I got out, I saw it was a three-story bookshop, I gasped. No wonder, through the years Andrew has made this shop bigger and I was thinking how he was so rich - he was rich by his hard work. It would be fun to work here; I had taken a good decision. I went into the shop; it was no less than a mall. It was huge and beautiful. Andrew gave me a ground walk and explained me my responsibilities, which included mostly taking care of delivery and a little of customer care. Andrew took his seat and I started to roam around.

After some time automatically my eyes wondered towards the door as it opened making the wind chimes jingle. My lips automatically curved into a smile. The only thing I did not know at that time was - a big change was coming through that door.


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@Mahak - Well, this journey to the new place is the start of unfolding, but don't let your hopes high, it will take a lot of time.

@Tamika - Everyone knows, but nobody wants to tell him thinking about his impulsive behavior, let's see when he gets to know. Once he knows, we will also know.

@XXscenegurlXx - Um, it's really that bad, you will come to know eventually.

@Anshita - Thanks for boosting my confidence saying not to reveal everything soon. I am still searching for a proper photo.
Published: 11/22/2012
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