Pain, If I Could Forget Again - Chapter 6

My smile just became wider the moment my eyes met hers, but before I could hold her and bring her closer, she slowly started to go away from me - her hands leaving my arms and finally leaving my fingertips. This chapter is starting of Memory returning along with pain... Let's see where it goes.
The Pain Returns

A sensation was there all through my body as I saw a brown-haired girl come through the door. She had a cheery smile displaying a set of perfect white teeth and my eyes were glued to her. She waved to Uncle Andrew while coming in through the door. Her hair swayed front and back in the air. Some of her hair waved around her shoulder exposing her bare arm. She wore black skinny jeans and a sleeveless light blue t-shirt. I'd be lying if I said she did not attract me, very unusual for me.

I watched her, as she moved to the table where Andrew sat. She kissed his cheek and they did a high-five and they started talking something. All I could hear was the sound of her laugh which was more pleasant than the sound of the wind chime. She looked so lively and so cheerful, which just added to her beauty.

Unknowingly, I came near the edge in the second floor and looked down.

"Andrew, you got that vampire book?" The girl asked making herself comfortable in a seat near the counter.

"Yes Lynds." Andrew moved behind and bent down to search something in the freshly arrived packs. After some seconds, he seemed to find what he was searching for.

"Here it is." He handed a gray-covered book to her. Well, she might be Lindsay, I guessed.

"Okay, I will check it during lunch break and if I like it then-" She was cut in the middle by Andrew.

"Then you will come and pay for it, otherwise you will come in the evening to return it." Andrew finished for her. She smiled a big smile and looked down shyly.

"Andrew, you know me so well." She got up from her seat and kissed Andrew's cheek again.

"Okay Andrew, I have to leave, or I am gonna be late." She picked the book and left the shop singing "Byeeee".

I watched her going and wondered what was about this girl so that I was so much attracted, there was a different feeling, and I did not know what that was. I sighed and turned and found out Andrew looking at me amused.

I gave him a questioning look, though I knew why he was looking at me like that. He just smiled and went back to his work.

The rest of the day seemed hectic. After the girl left, so many customers started coming in. Being inexperienced about any business, I really had a tough time. Post lunch, there came another boy - Mark, who was working as a part-time person. So Andrew and I relaxed for some two hours, but after that it was again work and work. I wondered how Andrew managed all this before I came, but later Andrew told me that there were another girl and a boy working here before I came. They married recently and were not coming for a month or so.

By six in the evening, the boy left and I was exhausted. Still some customers were coming and I and Andrew attended them. I was not very good at handling them, but I tried my best. By 8 pm, Andrew went to the door and hanged a "closed" board on the door handle. I finally sighed, thinking the day had come to an end.

Tired, I went down and deposited myself in a chair in front of the counter and watched as Andrew finished up the last things of the day. He calculated the number of books sold, calculated the total price, collected all the feedback and everything to wrap up the day. After he was done with the errands, he came and sat near me and said, "You did a good job."

I just nodded and smiled. Well, I did a good job; the work for the day was done. Then what were we still waiting for. Why we were not going home? All these things started popping up in my mind, when I found Andrew not moving from his seat.

"Shouldn't we go home?" Finally I asked not able to bear the silence. The pain and the exhaustion had reached its limit; all I needed was a bed.

"I am just waiting for Lindsay." Lindsay - the girl who came in the morning. But it was closing time, why would she come now. "She should have been here half an hour before, I don't know what happened."

"Maybe she is not coming." Maybe she was coming, but I was impatient.

"She would definitely come, probably I should call her." Andrew started getting up from his seat, just then the door opened, making a similar impact as the morning. Lindsay entered through the door smiling apologetically. I wondered how someone could look so enchantingly beautiful after a hectic day's work. She looked the same as morning. For a moment I forgot all my tiredness. I just kept looking at her drinking in her each feature. She must have been a good 2 years younger to me.

Then she looked at me and I found it awkward to quickly move my eyes from her to my intertwined fingers. I could feel she was confused and maybe a bit angry seeing I was staring at her.

"Andrew, I am sorry I am late, my car broke down and..."

"It's okay; I knew there must have been some reason." Andrew was a really generous man.

"Thanks, well, I liked the book. I am taking it home. Here." She took out some money and handed to Andrew. She turned around once to find out me again staring at her. Andrew got busy in recalculating the totals.

"Andrew, didn't I see the "closed" board outside? But, you still have people here." She looked at me like I was some garbage which needed immediate cleaning. I just rolled my eyes, the tiredness immediately returning to my body. First of all, because of her, I was getting late whereas I was dying to sleep. And then again she was talking like I was some trash.

"Oh, I am sorry; I did not introduce you two." Andrew was done with his final touch and came around to stand beside me.

"Lynds, this is Carson, my nephew. He just came yesterday." I got up from my seat and forced a smile.

"And Carson, this is Lindsay." As if I did not know.

"Nice to meet you." It was not at all nice at that moment, I just maintained a formality.

"My pleasure." She just smiled.

"Oh, how are you going home? Your car is broken right?" Andrew patted her shoulders.

"Yeah, I think I will catch a bus."

"No, we will drop you."

"It's okay, I will manage."

"No, no..."

I sighed heavily internally listening to their conversation. After a minute, Andrew closed the shop and we were into Andrew's car. The worst part was I had to sit next to Andrew. All I wanted was to take the back seat and ignore everything around.


The horizon was so beautiful, as if an artist had poured his whole life to paint it. All I wanted was to embrace it and never let go. As my hands stretched out to reach the farthest, the cool air cleaned my lungs and filled them with new hope and enthusiasm. The air was smooth and made whistles around my ear.

Her hands came from behind me and covered me in the warmest enclosure possible. The feeling of her presence calmed me and purified my all senses. She was the life of me, I knew, the presence of her could enlighten my whole day, could energize my spirit. A smile played across my lips as if it was meant to be there. I could feel her heartbeat close to mine, longing to unite.

I turned slowly and averted my eyes from the nature to the beauty of my life. I wanted to hold her in my arms, wanted to renew the feeling of her breath injecting life into my soul.

My smile just became wider the moment my eyes met hers, but before I could hold her and bring her closer, she slowly started to go away from me - her hands leaving my arms and finally leaving my fingertips. I never wanted to let her go, but despite my all protest, she was going far from me. I screamed, but nothing came out of my mouth, as if everything was muted purposefully.

My mind stopped working and the insanity took over. I screamed at the top of my lungs breaking the calmness of the nature. Each cell of my body was betraying the life in me to run behind her and get her, but my legs gave away, finally there was no other choice than to watch her go away and away from me, so far that I could never reach there.

With a scream, I woke up sweating badly. The familiar pain that had not occurred for last two days was back again - it felt like needles of all size and sorts are getting inserted into my head. There could have been fireworks inside, exploding the brain. I held my head tight in my hand and did not bother to wipe out the tears. The whole world outside me seemed to revolve at a much higher speed than expected.

After a minute or two, finally everything had come to its own place and settled down. The pain started to subside; I slowly released my hands to make sure the pain had actually gone. I was relieved to know that everything was still and normal as it was previously. I slowly brought my feet to the floor and stood up shakily to grab the glass of water from the table.

After allowing the water to cool my body, I remembered the dream - why did I dream such a thing about Lindsay?


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@Tamika - It will be mostly like Carson will remember himself, uncle might help a little. But no stranger will tell him. His loved ones are not telling him, because they know he won't believe them.

@Anshita - Yeah, he does miss his parents, down the chapters, you will find traces about it.

@Mahak - From now on, things will really start to move forward as he starts to remember.

@Honey - His sister loves him, but she is so angry and upset... so...

@Karen P - He has not asked because he was provided with all lie and truth in the jail and he is very angry to know about his past. As of now, he is just trying to adjust with the people of his past, as per him they are all new to him.

@Galby - Here is your chapter 6, hope you like it.

@XXscenegurlXx - From this chapter onwards, this chapter will become crazier, let's see.
Published: 12/1/2012
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