Painting My Heart - Chapter Eleven (Part 1)

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Nevie walked into the house and paused. Was that chicken? She took in a deep breath through her nose and followed the scent into the kitchen. Katherine stood at the stove, watching two pieces of chicken sizzling on the stove. In one hand she held a metal spatula, in the other a bottle of Zesty Italian dressing. Upon hearing Nevie, she turned from the stove with a small, hesitant smile on her face. "I know that one dinner won’t change your mind about me, but I want to prove to you that this time things will be different. I’m not going to leave again. I know that you’re going to have trouble believing me, that gaining your trust will take a lot of time, and that’s okay with me. I don’t care how long it takes. One day you’ll know. I’m sorry for being such a horrible mother, and for letting you lose faith in me. I don’t know if I can ever make that up to you, but I promise I am going to try my hardest."

A timer went off and she turned back to the stove to pick up the chicken. "Go wash up. Dinner’s just about ready." Nevie stared at her mom for a few seconds before turning and heading for the bathroom. Katherine’s speech had really hit her and as she stood at the sink, washing her hands, Nevie couldn’t help but wonder whether Katherine really meant it. She had sounded sincere enough... Moon Shadow chose that moment to bounce into the back of her legs. He looked up at her, his brown eyes wide. His tail was wagging so fast it was nearly a blur. Nevie smiled and bent down to pet the top of his head. She’d been lagging in giving him the attention he needed. She made a mental note to take him for a walk later and then made her way back to the kitchen with Moon Shadow at her heels.

The table was set in the typical Katherine fashion. She’d taught etiquette classes years before and during the few times she was home, she’d tried to imprint the importance of a well-set table into her daughter’s mind. A flash of a smile crossed Nevie’s face as she remembered being only two when Katherine had first begun teaching her. That table had been messy, the silverware lopsided, but Katherine had seemed so proud of her. The smile evaporated as Nevie sat down, remembering how Katherine had left the next day with barely a hug goodbye. "So, Nevie. I realize that I don’t know very much about you anymore. I was wondering if we could spend dinner re-getting to know each other?" She sounded so hesitant and timid, Nevie couldn’t help but agree as she sat down at the table.

"Yeah, sure. That sounds like a good idea."


Nevie leaned back against her pillows, her diary lay open on her lap. Staring at the empty page, she let out a slow breath. Writing used to come so easily. She pressed the pen against the first line and slowly scrawled out a few sentences, and just like that, the words came to her. She scribbled out word after word, page after page as all her feelings came flowing out. She wrote about Jonah and the letter, her mom being back and the upcoming divorce, how she told Colby and then Alyss everything. She paused for a moment before writing about kissing Colby. Alyss had told her how happy Colby had seemed, and as she thought back of the kiss, her stomach churned nervously. What if it had just been the emotion in the moment. They’d been so open with each other... for the first time since it happened, Nevie began to wonder if kissing him had been a mistake. She stared at the page, trying to figure out her thoughts, only succeeding in confusing herself more. After a few minutes of struggling to deal with the turmoil in her head, she stood up and grabbed Moon Shadow’s leash. "Come on boy, let’s go for a walk."

She found Katherine curled up on the couch, with a load of paperwork on the coffee table. "I’m taking Moon Shadow for walk."
"Do you want me to come?"
"No." The single word came out harshly and Katherine cringed slightly. Nevie sighed. "I didn’t mean to sound rude, mom. I just have a lot to think about and would like to walk alone right now."

Katherine nodded. "I understand. Be careful, and don’t stay out too late, okay?"
Nevie agreed and then left.
The few street lamps lit up what the moon didn’t and when she found herself standing at the edge of Colby’s drive, she was reminded of the first time she had stood there, trying to convince herself whether or not she could go talk to him. Taking a deep breath she made her way down the driveway. She tentatively knocked on the front door, hoping it wasn’t too late, that he wasn’t asleep.

After a few minutes, the door creaked open and Emma stood there. "Oh, hello, Nevie."
"Hi. Um, I know it is kind of late, but is Colby still up? I kind of need to talk to him about something."
"Come on in, it’s not even that late yet. He’s probably still up on his computer or something. Why don’t you go on up?"
"Thanks." Nevie slowly made her way to the second floor and down the hall to his room. She knocked lightly on the half-open door.
"Come in."

He was sitting on his bed, his laptop placed on his lap. He glanced up when she walked in and smiled. "Oh hey. I thought you were my mom at first. What’s up?"

Moon Shadow flopped down by the door. She felt her courage slipping away and she mumbled out the words as quickly as she could. "I just wanted to ask you how you felt about earlier today, after we talked at the cliff and everything." She paused for just a second and then shook her head. "I know, it’s late and it was stupid of me to come over here just to ask you that and now I just feel incredibly stupid and I’m sorry for bugging you. I’m just gonna go now."

Before she reached the door, he jumped out of his bed, almost knocking his computer onto the floor and grabbed her arm. "You want to know how I felt about kissing you?" She nodded slightly, looking down at the ground, embarrassed. He lifted her chin up, making her look at him.

"Nevie, I really liked kissing you. I really like you. I can’t believe you don’t see that."
Her eyes widened slightly at his words. "You like me?"
Colby let out a quiet chuckle. "Yes, Nevie, I like you. That kiss meant something to me. And I hope it did to you too."

She stared at him for a minute before standing up on her toes and pulling gently on his shirt to tug his lips to hers. For a brief second he didn’t move, startled by the sudden kiss, then he reached his hand up to cup her face, as he deepened the kiss.


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