Painting My Heart - Chapter Five

Chapter Five: Power Outage!
"Sleepover time!" Alyss dropped her duffel bag onto the living room floor and spread her arms out, spinning around the room. "I haven’t had a sleepover in ages!"

Nevie just laughed and flopped onto the couch. "I’m so glad your parents agreed to this! It gets really lonely here at night. And sort of creepy too."

Alyss stopped twirling and stared at Nevie, with a strangely serious look on her face. "Creepy how?"

"Oh you know, just creaky floorboards. Typical night-time creepy stuff in an old house like this."

Alyss nodded slowly. "Great. Well, tour of the house now, please!" She set the strap of her duffel on her shoulder and followed Nevie around.

"And this is my bedroom." Nevie swung open the door to her purple walled room. Alyss walked in, her eyes growing wide at the size of the room.

"This room is like twice the size of mine."

Nevie grinned. "Well, since my parents leave me all the time they try to make up for it with things like this. My closet is pretty huge too." She walked over to two doors on one side of the room, swinging them open to reveal a large walk in closet.

Alyss dropped her bag on the floor and slowly walked into the closet. "This is amazing! Can I borrow your clothes?" She squealed over a pair of gold strappy wedges. "These are so gorgeous! I love your closet. Can I live here?"

Once Alyss finally got her fill of the closet, they headed to the kitchen to pop some popcorn and stock up on junk food and candy, before watching all the chick flicks they had. "What room is that?" Alyss pointed at a door that had been overlooked on the tour. Nevie looked at it and her smile drooped.

"Uhm, that’s nothing. We don’t go in there. Ever."

Alyss could tell that Nevie didn’t want to discuss it further so she let the subject drop, even though her curiosity was burning. Moon Shadow had been following them around the house, his little legs moving quickly so he could keep up with the girls. Alyss bent down and scooped him up, pressing her lips to his nose with a smile. "I love your dog, Nev. Seriously, he’s just so adorable."

The popping of the popcorn seemed to scare him and he jumped out of her arms, scurrying across the kitchen to underneath the table where he stayed, quivering slightly, causing Alyss to burst into laughter.

Four hours and lots of junk food later, they were staring at the television, completely mesmerized by the tear-jerking movie. Alyss blew her nose, loudly, into a tissue. Nevie glared over at her, shushing her with a giggle. They had been paying too much attention to the movie to realize that it was raining, and thundering outside. At that minute the power went out and everything went black. Alyss shrieked, knocking over a bowl of popcorn, spilling it everywhere and Nevie jumped, falling off the bed.

"Oh my gosh, what just happened?" Alyss whimpered as her eyes slowly began to adjust to the darkness. Nevie grumbled as she sat up, rubbing her head.

A loud clap of thunder had Alyss screaming and ducking under the blankets. "Alyss! Chill! It’s just thunder! We’re fine. The power must have gone out." Nevie blinked a couple of times and then frowned. "I seriously wish I could see better in the dark. This sucks."

The house chose that moment to creak and Alyss whimpered. "I probably should have warned you, but I get scared really easily. Your house isn’t haunted is it?"

Nevie laughed nervously. "Uh, no." The sound of a door shutting made her dive onto the bed and clutch Alyss’ arm. "But it’s not a ghost I’m scared of!"

"Nevie, we’re going to die!" Alyss cried. Moon Shadow scurried up to the edge of the bed and Alyss quickly reached down to bring him up. "Moon Shadow, you have to protect us!"

"Maybe it was just the screen door out front. Sometimes it doesn’t close all the way." Nevie whispered as she stared at her closed door. They were too scared to move but when an even louder thunder clap boomed they ran for the closet, bringing Moon Shadow with them and closing the door tightly.

"What do we do? We can’t stay in the closet, scared to death, all night!"

Alyss bit her lip as she tried to think of a solution. "Colby! I’ll call Colby! He’ll come over, I’m sure of it. And he can make sure we’re safe tonight."

Nevie hesitated. "We’ll seem like, wimpy, or something."

"Would you rather be wimpy and safe, or completely scared out of our minds and not wimpy? Besides, Colby will be happy to be over here with you, with us."

Another boom made Nevie grab onto Alyss’ arm again. "Okay, okay! Call him. Definitely call him!"


Colby was over within a half an hour. They lit a bunch of candles and sat on Alyss’ queen-size bed.
"I was petrified. It’s not even funny." Alyss whacked Colby’s arm when he started to laugh after her explanation of the night. "It was a terrifying experience, Colby. Remind me to thank Aunt Emma for letting you come over and spend the night with us."

Colby just shrugged. "I couldn’t let you two have all the fun."

"Yes, because being absolutely terrified is fun." Alyss shook her head and reached for her soda.

"I was wrong. Colby you are most definitely not a dictionary. Dictionaries know what fun is." Nevie teased him, glad for the dark that covered her blush when he shot her a smile.

"Where’s your bathroom?" Alyss asked, as she stood up.

"The first door on the right, down the hallway."

Alyss skipped off, leaving Colby and Nevie sitting in silence. Nevie tried to break the silence. "Thanks for coming, really. I know it’s silly but we were actually so scared."

He shrugged, his trademark smile visible on his face. "No big deal. The dark can be scary." After a brief pause he added, "Besides, how could I say no to the chance to spend more time with you?"

Alyss chose that minute to stumble her way back into the room, complaining loudly about how dark it was everywhere. "I hate power outages." She dropped onto the bed and sighed. "I don’t feel like sleeping. What are we going to do now?"

"Let’s play sardines." Nevie suggested.

Alyss’ reply was instant. "Ew. I hate fish."

Nevie laughed. "It’s like backwards hide and seek, sort of. One person hides and everyone else tries to find them. Say I go hide first. If you, Alyss, found me first, you’d squish into my hiding place with me and we’d both stay there until Colby could find us. It’s even more fun when you have tons of people instead of just three, but it could be fun."

Alyss grinned. "It sounds better than hide-and-seek. And it’s not like there’s much else to do. Plus, since it is all dark it’ll be even more fun! So, who’s going to hide first?"

"Nevie should. It was her idea." Colby grinned over at her and Nevie glanced towards the door. Maybe she hadn’t thought this through.

"You mean I should be the one to leave our nice safe room and go sit somewhere all alone? Yeah, sounds pleasant." Nevie tried to joke as she stood up.

"The house is perfectly safe, Nev." Alyss told her as she sat up on the bed. "Go on. We’ll count to a hundred."

"The other door on this hall, the one at the end of the door, is off-limits. Okay?" Nevie laid out her one rule and after they nodded she looked at the door again.

After a little bit more coaxing, Nevie stepped out of her room, shutting the door behind her. "Okay. I can do this." She reached out for the wall and felt her way along the hall to the staircase. She hesitated before deciding going downstairs would be too scary. So she felt her way back along the hallway until she reached the door to the laundry room. It took a few seconds for her to find her way to the back of the room and reach the linen closet door. She retreated to the back of the closet and sat down against the wall. She could hear her bedroom opening as Colby and Alyss came out, ready to search.

"Okay, we can’t both search the same places at once." Colby decided and Alyss agreed, bobbing her head up and down.

"You search upstairs, I search downstairs. Just for a few minutes until we’re sure we won’t be too close to finding her?"

Colby nodded his agreement and they separated. He started with the closest door to him, reaching in blindly as he went. It didn’t take long for him to get to the laundry room and he was about to leave when his hand hit the doorknob of the closet. He pulled it open, not expecting to find her as he swung his arms carefully in front of him. The back of his hand hit the top of her head. "Nev?"

She grinned, keeping her voice in low whisper. "Yeah, it’s me. Now go shut the door, come and sit down before Alyss gets up here."

"Yes ma’am."

She didn’t have to see him to know he was smirking and she rolled her eyes. "You really are a dork, Colby."

He chuckled as he struggled to sit down in the little space that was left. "How long do you think it’ll take for Alyss to find us?"

"You know her better than I do. Is she good at hide-and-seek?"

Colby shrugged, Nevie could feel his shoulder move up and down. "You’re lucky I could feel you shrug, because I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I don’t exactly have the best in dark the vision."

Colby laughed. "I think that would be called night vision."

"Shut up." Alyss giggled slightly and nudged him with her arm. "You just love to be smarter than me, don’t you?"

He chuckled without answering and they settled into silence. After a few seconds, Nevie turned to say something and realized how close his face was to hers when he turned. Whatever it was she had wanted to say flew out of her mind as she stared at the lips that were only inches from hers. Her breath caught when Colby leaned forward a little bit. The door opened just as she was about to close the gap and light flooded the room as Alyss flicked on the switch with a grin. "The power’s back on!"


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Carly J: Haha yeah, that was my younger sister’s idea. When I agreed to use it she got so excited haha! I totally want to try it, but I’m petrified of getting in trouble. I’m such a scaredy cat lol! I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Any guess on what’s up with Colby??

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Sorry for taking forever to post! Thursday and Friday were crazy (wonderful) nights!! And Saturday I had a conference to go to, that took all day!! I just wanted you all to know that I'm sorry for the delay! Hope you enjoyed!!

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Published: 4/8/2013
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