Paper Boat Instructions

Origami and paper crafts are a fun way of spending time in an educational manner. Take a look at the following paper boat instructions mentioned in the article below!
Origami is a great art which originated from Japan and was taught to people to save paper. It is the only paper art in which there are beautiful formations of paper made without cutting or pasting it. Origami is a great way of teaching new arts and crafts to children as well as adults who like to learn new things.

The fact that there is only folding involved in the formation of these paper crafts, there is a lot of paper wastage that is saved through it too. You can either use colored paper to make these objects or paint the plain paper objects. Another great formation which you can teach as well as learn is a paper boat. This is a very easy formation and doesn't take time to make it, and you can make many of these and float them in the water to have fun! Find some easy paper boat instructions mentioned below so have fun making it!

Origami Paper Boats

Making the boat is a very easy task as all you have to do is fold the colored paper in a particular pattern. You will only need a rectangular piece of origami paper or any other paper which you want to save from wastage. The boats are the easiest paper crafts to be made and if you are a preschool teacher or a parent, you can surely share these instructions with your kids. These exercises are fun especially for kids as they involve interaction, creativity and lots of enjoyment. You can follow the instructions, mentioned below, to sail it off your colorful boats and to watch them float away!

Steps to Follow
  • Fold the rectangular piece of origami paper into half and then partially fold it again into another half, to make a crease in the center.
  • Once you can see the crease in the center of the half folded rectangular paper, fold the two upper edges towards the crease. This will form two triangles which are halfway through the rectangle.
  • Now, fold each of the lower edges in the upward direction to create another elongated rectangle. Then flip the formation over and repeat it for the other edge as well. If you hold this formation in your hand, it looks like a hat.
  • Bring the two corners of the hat where you made the second folds and hold them towards each other. The hat will be formed into a diamond shape with the two last edges giving it a brim look. Press these two edges together and insert the loose paper edges into one another to give it a uniform look.
  • After you have followed these instructions of folding the two corners to make a diamond out of the hat, take the lower corner of this inverted square and fold it upwards. Flip the formation over and do the same for the other corner as well.
  • Once more, press the two opposite edged of the square together, to make an inverted diamond. Hold them together in a tight manner so that, the creases are visible.
  • Pull out the corners of the square, one in each hand and keep pulling them to unfold the boat. Expand the hole under the boat to create a bigger surface for the boat to float on the water. Pull out each corner of the boat in a crisp manner so that all the folds are visible and made properly.
With those above mentioned instructions, you must have found how easy it is to make an origami boat. Since origami is such a great art, it should be encouraged in every preschool for the creativity of children to grow.
By Aparna Jadhav
Published: 7/13/2010
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