Parable of The Pencil

Here's food for thought!
There was this successful pencil maker who made pencils used by great men and artists. Before the pencils left the hand of the pencil maker, he always did something. He held up the pencils and spoke to them. 5 significant things he said to the pencils he made:

You must allow yourself to be used by your maker. Without being used by your maker, you cannot be used by any other person. This shows humility.

You must always leave a mark/an impression on any surface you run through.

You must undergo the discipline of sharpening to be used perfectly. This removes the bad part of you.

You will make mistakes and therefore, you must allow yourself to be turned around and your eraser used for those mistakes to be corrected.

You must know that the most important thing about you is not how beautiful you are, or how colorful or well-designed you are, or your shape or size, the kind of eraser you have at the back. But the most important thing is what lies within you, which is 'the lead'.

Likewise, we humans are like pencils in the hands of our creator. And we must be like the pencils the pencil maker made. Think about it.
Published: 4/15/2013
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