Domestic violence has no excuse!
There's a man in the shadows,
And he's calling your name,
Is it someone that you know,
Or am I paranoid again?
I know I've never seen him,
Yet I know that he's there,
I hear him calling your name,
And I can feel his stare.

Do you know who he could be?
Would you tell if you did?
Would you own him up to me,
Or deny who he is?
Why do you look so frightened?
Have you something to say?
Could it be he's an old friend,
From an old yesterday?

You know I won't hurt you,
It's just answers I need,
I just want to know the truth,
Do you prefer him to me?
Is he better than I am?
And in how many ways?
It's not that I give a damn,
So don't be afraid to say.

So you're in denial,
Are you saying I'm lying?
Well then, give me the detail,
And no more denying,
'Cause I know that he's outside,
Inviting you in.
So don't dare call my pride,
By pouring tears on your sin!

I won't let you leave me!
I love you too much for that.
And I'm not one to grieve,
So you can cut me some slack,
For you've never owned me,
I've never kow-towed to you,
And I'd be happy being free.
It's me who owns you!

So give me an answer,
Before I hit you again!
Don't plague me with your cancer,
That he's just a friend.
I don't believe your bullshit,
That he's a nobody...
Just tell me who he is,
And I won't bruise your body!

Are you ok?
My God! What have I done?
Weep for me babe,
Don't die on me you cunt!
I forgive you the weakness,
Of doubting our bliss,
Tell the world of my innocence...
It's not my fault, but his!!
Published: 9/12/2016
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