Parental Brutality!

This is just a short writing about parental brutality. I hope you guys enjoy.
There has been a growing trend in the United States for the past couple of decades to systematically rid parents rights to physically discipline their children. Many people in the United States want a law that takes away a parent's right to hit their kids in any way, shape or form. Naysayers claim that by hitting children, eventually can turn their kids into violent individuals. That is not the case however, as studies have shown discipline on a child can rectify wrongful behavior to good behavior. Starting from a very young age, hitting a child can teach the difference between right and wrong behavior. If parents don't hit their children then the children will see that they can get away with wrongful behavior without any serious repercussions.

The process of growing up involves a lot of discipline; young children develop very quickly and hitting them for wrongdoing can be vital towards their growth and development. A child will quickly learn to differentiate between right and wrong if they are being punished for doing wrong. A simple time-out doesn't solve the problem nowadays. However, there are those who believe that a time-out is already sufficiently enough for their kids. In reality time-outs don't tend to work anymore.

Many parents feel that it is wrong to spank their kids simply because it will hurt the child's' feelings. Many parents claim that is no way to handle situations and would rather coddle or turned a blind eye to their child's wrongful actions. It is very difficult to show a child good from wrong when a parent doesn't have strong disciplinary rules which can cause them to take advantage. Parents believe in other forms of punishment but those punishments tend to make children not care. Since parents may not show a high interest of punishment, kids who don't get spanked begin to get more rebellious.

There is an emotional sentiment between a mother or father hitting their kids. It shows a disappointment and causes a child not to want to do that again and learn what's right from wrong. Some people believe that by hitting your kids it is morally wrong because it can cause a child to become or learn to be abusive towards their families or eventually grow up to learn to take out that anger on others. For example, under California Law,

"... a parent has the right to reasonably discipline a child by physical punishment and may administer reasonable punishment without being liable for battery. In order to be considered disciplinary the punishment must: be necessary, be reasonable, not excessive, in the judgment of a third party."

Many parents who spank their kids outside their homes have to deal with a lot of judgment. People see parents at the store or parks seeing them hit their kids and think that is parent brutality. When i was a child I would get hit in public all the time. I would notice people staring at my parents as if they were crazy for hitting me. People don't know the reasons behind the spanks but I surely knew and definitely deserved every one of them. What people don't understand is that by me getting those spanks by my parents it caused me to become someone more respectful with good manners. For my parents it was morally correct to hit me when it was necessary.

Since I work at an elementary school, I have first hand experience in dealing with kids who don't get hit for wrongful behavior. The children that I have in my third grade class come in two groups; there are the kids who immediately stop misbehaving when I threaten to tell their parents, and then there are those who could careless and keep misbehaving despite multiple warnings. The former have parents who hit their kids and have some respect for authority, whereas the ladder don't get hit by their parents, they just get some kind of time-out and pep talk. Every time I go to a store I always see at least one kid on the ground pouting and crying about the toy they didn't get. The lack of discipline they receive makes them think they can get away with things. Bad behavior is on an increase in classrooms around the country and the decision to ban physical punishment in schools has led towards disrespect of teachers and staff.
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Published: 11/24/2016
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