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Alastor looked strangely like a better looking, more muscular Taylor Lautner. He had longer hair, but it was styled back, and then fell forwards, so he had to keep flicking it away. He had a black shirt on, that clung to his chest like a second skin, and skinny jeans. Styx likes that. I think it's gross.

She was looking at him like he was her next meal, and it was going to be her last, and he was looking at her like she was the last girl on earth, and he would kill all the zombies for her. In a heartbeat.

"I'm Styx." I heard her say, rather softly for her, actually.
"Yeah, I know. Poseidon and Athena, right? I'm Alastor. Hades." He said, simply, but I felt her savor's every word he said, and every moment he made.
"Wow." Was all she said after she had stopped staring, and looked at me excitedly. I giggled and rolled my eyes.

I looked around for Thane, and when I couldn't see him next to me, I turned around frantically, searching for him. Terrified that he had left my field of vision. A large pair of hands grabbed me around the waist and pulled me down onto his lap. I relaxed immediately, knowing it was Thane, and that he would protect me from all of these new people that I didn't really know at all. "It's cool baby. Just relax." He whispered into my ear, and his breath made it tickle. I squirmed and giggled as I fell more into his arms.

"I think, it's time for breakfast." Archer said suddenly, and stood up, taking Laurel with him. Alastor and Styx followed. (She was his new shadow.) And than Thane with me in his arms, laughing and squealing like crazy. I'm not good with heights, but anything he wanted to do, I'm there. I just wanted to be that girl. The one who is irresistible to the guy I liked. The girl who would never let him go. The girl he would never let go.

"So what's the deal with Archer?" I asked Thane as we walked the short distance to the canteen.

"I'm just very in tune with my magical senses. So is Laurel. After your training, you should be as good as us, maybe sooner than I expected. I'm picking up a very strong vibe from you. Maybe that's because you're a pliri theos." He said without even turning around. I stole a glance at Thane and he was biting the insides of his cheeks to stop himself from laughing at Archer.

"Come on fairy boy, it could just be because she's talented." He said, his voice shaking with the effort of not laughing.
"No-one is this good. She's even better than me, she just doesn't realize it yet. Wait and see. After this first lesson, she'll have unlocked doors in her mind that she never even saw." I did not like the sound of that.

"Thane, just because you can't do magic, doesn't mean you have to laugh at everyone who is talented in it." Laurel scolded him as she hung back and joined his side. She was just so beautiful, I couldn't help squeezing his hand tightly, letting him know he was mine and mine alone. He smiled down at me and put his arm around my waist, supergluing him to me.

Suddenly we were outside the mess hall, or canteen. It wasn't an especially pretty building, but then, it didn't have to be, did it? It was huge though, and I expect it would have to be to hold all of these people! 12 cabins and about 20 in each of them... then us and the teachers.. that's like 300 people... more or less... never any good at math.

Thane held my hand tightly as we walked in and everyone turned to gape at us, and a few even got down on their knees and bowed. I felt extremely uncomfortable and so did Styx, I could tell just at a glance, she had moved closer to Alastor and she was moving into a more protective stance. Talos, the huge metal man hurried over to our small group of six and stood directly in front of Styx and I, bowed and said, "Your Majesties... we are honored to have you at our camp, the camp created to train and prepare you for the day you might reach Mt. Olympus, all the other Demi Gods are also here to help guide you in your journey... we are your humble servants." He rose and glared at the ones not bowing until I moved to stand in front of him.

"Uh, Hey... I'm Aqua. Most of you guys know me, I guess by reputation. I'm just speaking for me..." Styx moved to stand next to me and nodded at me, "Well I guess, I'm speaking for both of us. We don't want this... we only found out what we were yesterday, and honestly it feels like a girl. We don't want servants, we want friends!" I finished talking and Talos looked at me, dumbstruck.

"You heard the pliri theos. Be friendly and welcome them into the camp." He ordered the campers and I rolled my eyes, gaining a few chuckles from campers. Thane moved and took my hand as Talos moved gracefully to a table full of creatures and important looking people. As our fingers interlocked he gained a few whoops from the Ares table, made up of both guys and very butch looking girls, surprising both me and Styx. We gazed around at the table, and each individual in our group made to walk over to their table, until my gaze landed on an empty looking one. Styx and I walked over to the empty table and sat down opposite each other.

Thane followed and took the seat to my immediate left, and Laurel sat on Styx's left. Archer sat on my right, and Alastor sat on Styx's right. I smiled brightly as some dainty creatures with wings folded into their backs came and brought us each a plate of assorted food for breakfast. I saw everyone had something different and I stared at everyone else's plate before studying my own. Styx had a bowl of assorted nuts and berries for breakfast and she dug in eagerly, slurping milk as she did so. Alastor had incredibly crispy bacon and blackened toast. He ate it solemnly, it looked like he had no emotion other than the one he wore. Thane was digging in eagerly to bacon so pink, it looked almost raw, and almost every breakfast meat under the sun, some I'm not even sure are breakfast meats. Laurel ate wheat-a-bix and grinned as she saw the wheat. Archer ate eggs, sausages and bacon. After all, his mother is the goddess of the hunt and wilderness. I looked at my plate and grinned. Smoked salmon on one plate and juicy green apple slices on the other, my favorite! I know now why I like those so much, it's my parents.

I gobbled up my slightly weird concoction of breakfast and sighed happily, full. I glanced at everyone, and focused on Styx. With Thane here, I felt more complete. Like I was even more protected and somehow even more vulnerable. Talos slowly walked up to us and Thane's hand closed over mine in a protective way. "Your majesties... please do me the honor of meeting me in my room, or office at 21:00, straight after the bonfire and the nightly myth telling." As soon as he had come, he had left and I looked at my new found friends with a puzzled glance.

"Why does he want to see us so late?" I asked the group, and all I got were shrugs and blank glances, so I shrugged it off. Probably just a welcoming thing. Anyway, an hour of social time! I think I'm going to look around...

A few beautiful girls came up to our table and somehow they looked familiar... "Aqua, it's lovely to meet you." They all chorused with their identically soft voices. "We're your sisters... we're the daughters of Aphrodite." I glanced at Thane and I was glad to see he was only staring at me, I smirked slightly. I glanced then at Styx and if looks could kill, these four would be burning up.

"I have four sisters?" I smiled and slowly stood up. They all embraced me and sighed.
"It's so good to have you home Aqua. Let's get to know each other." They all said at the same time. I was a little creeped out, until they burst out into fits of laughter, that sounded like little bells jingling. "Oh, that was funny," the tallest said, wiping her eyes.

"They did that with me..." The brunette one sighed, and tried to stop giggling.
"So what are your names?" I asked the four and Styx was slowly burning holes into each of their foreheads.
"Let's take a walk.... We'll take you back to our cabin and then we'll bring you back here for lunch, tell your other sister not to worry!" Said the slightly tanned one of the group and they walked off, taking me with them.


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Shygirl57 - Thank you so much. I'm so glad you checked every day. It's honestly when I'm in the mood to write, is the only time I can do it. When I'm in the right mood I will do pages and pages. It's actually really good, but I can't force myself to do it, I'm sorry... I started this book in the summer, and at one point I was on such a roll... I started at 7 at night and I remember not going to sleep because I was on such a roll. I did ten pages. Thank you so much for sticking with me!

Sarah K - Oh, thank you so much. I'll name a sister after you if you like, OMG, you think I'm better than them. Thank you so much! I cried when I read that, you're so sweet! And I haven't actually started writing enough of 'When Can I See You Again', but You'll be able to read it (when I post it). In the same category as this one. It's vampires, and again - trying to recreate 'Comatose' and 'Change Your Mind'. Err, this book was actually based on the Percy Jackson, me and my little sister Emily (Who Styx is based on) made a game up, back in 2010, and yeah I'll admit it. As a sixteen-year old, I still love playing make believe with my thirteen-year old sister.... it just keeps us close. I was Aquabelle, and she was Annabeth, and I got Percy and she got Luke... but I decided to write this and change bits. We made up our own secret language to write notes in the sand, and I still use it.

SunnySideUp - Thank you so much for coming back. I hope you love this story as much as Furry Kind. If you don't mind me asking, a) why do you like FKOL, and b) Which was your favorite book that I've written, and c) what's your favorite character? If you tell me your name, I'll name a sister after you.
Published: 3/11/2013
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