Part of Me (16)

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"You’re what now?" I asked, my mouth opened in shock. I’d heard about the Oracle and loads of myths about the Greek Gods. Well, I guess they’re not myths anymore. "The Oracle. You must have heard of me girl." At my blank stare she sighed and glared at me. "I am THE Oracle. The original. Gods and mortals alike sought my advice and prophecies. I was the only true Oracle to see the pure future. The future I saw…" Her eyes turned pure white, like Styx’s turned black when she was angry or upset. "I saw a war. The world turning black… the sisters of water, war and beauty will reside on mount Olympus and choose the fate. One will rise, one will fall…" Her voice was like it was just moments ago; male and female voices with different pitches and languages, all speaking at once but at different times. The words were out of sync with the facial movements and as quickly as it had started, the moment was again over.

"Come. Your sister and Talos await you." She commanded, and promptly left the small, peaceful clearing. I followed her and instantly we were at the camp, and outside a building that wasn’t any of the usual cabins use by the children of Gods. It was much smaller, and much simpler. For one; there wasn’t windows everywhere (there were no windows anywhere ) so everyone could see your every move. She knocked briskly and walked in instantly without waiting for a reaction, and I followed like an obedient puppy awaiting the next instruction. Talos was behind a huge oak desk that took up about half of the room and sitting on a large black leather chair. On the other side of the desk were four uncomfortable looking chairs, and my heart leaped for joy when I saw Styx sitting on one. I honestly felt like I hadn’t seen her in a week and we flew into each other’s arms.

"Aqua, I missed you so much! I’ve had such a hard day! Magic was excruciating. We had to create this aura thing and it was really hard but I did it and it’s a blue color. It covers all of me, and it's really cool, and then we went to the warrior training, and I only had a chance to choose my weapon-soul thing before I got dragged away by that Giles guy." After her rambling rant, she glared at Talos who simply smiled at her and then the Oracle, but looked at her more seriously.

"Do you believe they are ready?" He asked her simply, and she nodded. His face turned slightly graver and he nodded slightly, and asked her again, "Are you sure?". She nodded again and then walked out.
"Charming." Styx muttered under her breath and sat down on one of the small plastic chairs. I honestly felt like I was at the headmaster's office after getting in trouble.

"What is this Quest thing?" I asked suddenly. This must be what we’re here about. I looked at Styx and she nodded, telling me I had actually asked a smart question for once.
"Yeah, I’ve been hearing about this ‘Quest’ thing a lot today; what is it exactly?" She asked in a more democratic tone. She uses this tone when she wants to get what she wants, and the easiest way to do it, is to be nice to the person she’s asking. She doesn’t use this often. She usually uses brute-force. But I think they confiscated her sword. I’m guessing she chose a sword. Or two.

"The Quest is a rite of passage the half-blood must embark upon. It involves traveling to Mt. Olympus on their own, finding and spending a week with their God parent; whether it be a mother or father. We created this in preparation for you, giving the children something to do while training." He laughed heartily and then resumed to the serious explanation he was giving. "When the Oracle foretold millennia ago, there will be sisters of water, war and of beauty arriving to take their place on mount Olympus, this camp was introduced. We trained ourselves in order so we may train you. Thousands of half-bloods streamed here, looking for guidance and the Oracle created The Quest. The half-blood must journey on their own and find their parent. Just like you two will now." He finished, and gazed at us intently, surely wondering what we will do next.

I felt my eyes willing up in tears as I realized I'm going to have to do this on my own. Styx and I have always done everything together, and I don’t want it to change now. Not for some stupid law. "Aqua. Calm." Styx reminded me, and held my hand tightly. On the mirror behind Talos’ chair I saw my aura had flared and the iris of my eye had turned bright pink. "Is there any way we can go together?" She pleaded with him, I could see the beginning of her aura coming out and the color of her eyes were changing from shining gray to navy blue.

"I’m sorry girls. Styx, as the eldest; you leave tonight. Aqua, you will stay here and continue with your studies." We were dismissed and I ran from the small room, my eyes filling with heavy tears. Styx walked calmly after me and slammed the door shut, making it known she was displeased at this recent turn of events.

"Styx, what are we going to do?" I asked tearfully as perfect tears rolled down my cheeks.
"God, Aqua! You’re messing up your mascara." She tutted and clicked her tongue as she wiped away my tears. "We can’t talk here, Aqua. The cabin. Now." She ordered like she was an army Marshal. She took my hand in hers, not like an army Marshal would, and we walked slowly towards the cabin.

As we entered the cabin I was starting to know as home, I remembered to greet the house as we entered. Styx looked at me as if I were insane but looked more understanding as the cabin slowly rumbled to life and warmed itself up. It clicked on the lights and opened the back wall. The back wall was pure glass and it split in the middle so it could open out to the deck and subsequently to the lake. "Hi house. You’re right, I think I will take a swim." The cabin rumbled again and Styx gave me a look as if to say, 'Yeah. You’re crazy girl'.

We both went to our separate wardrobes and Styx took out one of the swimsuits she brought with her. It was a wildfox white daisy and denim bikini top with matching bikini shorts. The shorts were white but then had a strange blue crotch bit with big brass buttons on. The top was blue, all the way round but on the breast bit there was also white lace with daisies on. I took out my stars and stripes bandeau bikini and changed into it. I was feeling patriotic at this time!

We padded out onto the deck and slid into the water. Talos wasn’t lying, the water was the perfect temperature to simply… be. "What are we going to do Styx?" I asked as she sat on the bank and leaned against the deck. Her hair was tied up into a knot as mine was, although they wouldn’t stay up, and many curling tendrils were falling into the water.

"I have an idea." She suddenly said, sitting up straight and frowning; squinting her eyes as she thought about the plan I didn’t know about and working out details in her head. It’ll only be a few seconds now… "I’ve got it. We’ll leave tonight. Both of us. I mean, come on Aqua. Don’t we outrank them? It’s our quest and they’re our parents. We’ll leave tonight and do it together. We’re full Gods! We can do what we want!" She paused and let it sink into my blonde brain.

"Okay." I said simply. She grinned and jumped back onto the deck, slid a little and stopped. Like Styx would ever fall! I did the same, slightly more elegantly and then slipped and fell on my bum. Styx laughed hers off while helping me up and walked me back into the cabin. Out of the blue, two warm white towels arrived on the floor and the house slowly warmed-up so we were warm again. I smiled and patted the wall as the back wall shut; shutting off the lake. "I will miss it…" I sighed thoughtfully.

Styx tutted again and dragged the suitcase she only unpacked last night, out onto the bed again. "Aqua. One suitcase. Kay? It’s not like we’ll have much time to change. So one." She stressed the one and I pretended like I was listening. Yeah. I picked up some random pieces of clothing and pushed them all into one suitcase, which Styx promptly refolded.

"STYX! I'm taking another one for hair products, shoes and bags." I announced and she just shook her head at me, and then put some of her stuff in that suitcase! Hypocrite! I glared at her and then tutted at her. See? I can tut too. I stuffed the drying swimming costume into a bag and then into the suitcase. There could be pools on Olympus! I pulled on some 'The Pants' in cream and studied myself. I was so slim, they were falling off but they were comfy and I’d be in the car for a while; I don’t want to be cut into two by some tight skinny jeans! I wore a white shirt Ray gave me after I accidentally put a pink skirt in with it and I dyed it pink! It was very loose and really comfy! I put on a hot pink zip up hoodie over the top and tied my long straight hair into a high ponytail, although the ends were curling because they were damp because of the water. I wore a Passionata white nights balconette bra and matching panties and finally, I got to choose my shoes! Yeah, I’m going be in a car for like, most of the days we're traveling but shoes are important to me! I wore some high top white-wedged trainers. I honestly look like a chav but I just want to be comfortable! I looked at Styx and observed what she was wearing as she slowly and meticulously packed her bag.

Styx wore the same sort of outfit I was. She wore fallen star military cropped joggers that were dark gray with black stars and a bright red cord. She wore a royal blue zip up hoodie and a nice white loose top. Her shoes were the same trainers but in dark gray; AH she looks amazing. It was already dark outside but we decided to wait until eight-thirty in the evening while everyone should be at Talos’ story time. We rolled the suitcases outside and crept silently until the glow of the bonfire was only a spec of light in the distance. We slowly backtracked our steps until we were out of the camp and back at the place where Archer found us.

The aquatic blue car peeked at us in the moonlight and I smiled, and sighed in relief. It seems like years ago when we left this car in the middle of nowhere. It was only yesterday. I smiled beseechingly at Styx until she huffed and picked up my heavy suitcases in her arms and placed them in the boot. "Will you drive?" I asked. The realization of being away from Thane for possibly months suddenly hit me and I just felt very very drained. She nodded and smiled at me kindly and sat in the driver's seat.

"Where the hell are you going?" Thane thundered out of nowhere and my heart simply leaped for joy at the sight of him and just to hear his voice. Styx swore and hit the dashboard.

"They’re trying to separate us for this stupid Quest thing but we’re not letting this happen. So we’re doing it together instead." She glared at him while speaking. Obviously the feud hadn’t gone away. He simply nodded and slowly Archer, Laurel and Alastor melted out of the shadows and joined Thane.
"We’re coming too." Alastor said simply, and out of the corner of my eyes I saw Styx blushing like crazy at the mere sight of Alastor. I was mentally teasing her for it until I realized I’m exactly the same with Thane. Hmm. We both like bad boys!

"Hate to burst your bubble, Thane, but this is only a four-seater." She said coldly, aiming it at Thane, possibly hoping the other three would stay behind and it would just be her and Alastor on the road. But luckily; Archer smiled and brought out a set of car keys. He beeped it and a car zoomed out of the darkness and parked itself in front of Archer. "Nice car!" She directed at him, and genuinely meaning it. It was exactly the same car as ours but in a cherry red color.
"Let's go."


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