Part of Me (17)

Just a short one, as I'm actually writing this in school.
I stretched and yawned loudly and in an incredibly unladylike manner and kicked Thane. He grabbed my ankle before it hit him and he was still asleep. I sighed loudly. These battle types... so strange. I pressed the death grip off my ankle and fell on Laurel on the process. "What are you doing?" She asked sleepily.

"It's dawn, I'm going to the lake and freshen up a little." I smiled and took my shirt off, still in my bikini from last night. It's been a week since we left camp and we've been on the road ever since. Archer, Thane, Alastor and Laurel had all already been to Mt. Olympus and met their parents, so they were kindly showing us the way. Although they had to go on foot, we're lucky I guess. 8 seats in the car between 6 of us, and there is room for extras if we take the fancy.

"I'll join you." Laurel murmured as she rose from the backseat of Archer's convertible. We're all sleeping in the cars. Sleeping arrangements were a little off to begin with, but we all kind of just decided where we would go within the first few nights. Thane and I in the back of my car, him lying down and me on top of him slightly, Styx in the front seat, stretched out but foot on the gas in case there was a need for a quick get-a-way. Alastor was the same in Archer's car. Archer lay next to him, but his seat wound way down to he was straight against the backseat were Laurel lay in the fetal position.

We walked on the dew-drop grass and slowly sank into the warm stream where we splashed each other with slightly cool water. "Oh, I feel so much more refreshed now. Sleeping in the car can make you feel so icky." I nodded in agreement with the statement, my eyes always on the cars less than 10 meters away, just in case Thane is worried about where I was. "Oh, the Ares boys are always so protective over their Aphrodite's." Laurel gushed. "Honestly, I think it's so hot." She giggled as she eyed the car and I laughed too.

"It is. It's nice to know I'm wanted. Especially since I grew up thinking my parents didn't want me." Laurel made noises of sympathy and smiled.

"We've all felt that, Aqua. But the thing is, they want you so much, they sent you away. They didn't have a choice unfortunately, especially not with you and Styx. You're both so powerful, but you don't realize it yet. But I do, I can feel it." She said to me as I washed my face clean.

"Could you teach me more magic now, please?" I smiled as she dunked her hair underwater and got some soap and lathered it into her hair. She's been teaching me some really extreme magic over the last few days. She said in water it gives me chance to channel my true potential, as my father is Poseidon. She says when in battle I must always take a small pouch of water with me. Just in case.

"I made this soap myself. Here, you try. It'll strengthen your hair." She changed the subject but stood in the stance I now recognized and began.

"Now, we're going to go straight into it. Channel your aura within a second." She's learning with me, but she's more like a personal trainer. I'm very behind even though I'm more naturally advanced if that makes sense. Laurel seems to feed off everyone else's energies so my aura seems to be doing wonders for her.

I quickly moved the knot from my stomach without even closing my eyes and into my hands.

"Perfect." She replied, and she had done hers, although it took her a little longer, her golden-yellow aura seemed stronger than yesterday. She sighed and got up out of the water and onto the grassy bank and she instantly seemed stronger. "I feel more powerful in the pure sun and warm grass because it's the life-force of my father. Everything that is related to your parents is an extension of their aura. So when you feel more powerful in water, and you are, it's because the water is an extension of your father's power and you're channeling that power."

"Let's do this." I grinned. I threw an aura ball at Laurel and it collided with the huge shield she had brought around herself, like a huge ray of sunshine. I guess that's her natural aura shield, just like mine is full-bodied, but her head, arms and feet are exposed. I eyed this and muttered a word in the language of my parents. It's a variation of the Greek used by humans. Laurel is teaching me, but most of it is coming naturally.

"Utai!" Her eyes widened and she knew what was going to happen, but she couldn't control her own aura fast enough. A pool of my aura formed into my hand and I now know that pure aura when just transferred from inside of me, it is liquid until I form it into something, in this case, a whip. In order to transform it you have to say the thing, or at least think of the work, for it to change into. The whip latched around Laurel's ankles and pulled her to the ground, shattering her aura and she conceded defeat as Thane, Styx and the others ran down to congratulate me on another victory.

"You're getting better and better Aqua!" Archer cried as he 'Hi-5ved' me and I grinned.
"Thank you!" I smiled brightly and snuggled into Thane's chest. Mm he always smelt so good. Just, so manly! I loved everything about him. The way he held me, the way he looks, the way he talks to me, the connection we have, just everything. I felt that I loved him so much I could hardly breathe.


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Published: 6/28/2013
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