Part of Me (21)

Aqua and the others reach Mt. Olympus and prepare to meet the Gods ... their parents.
I gazed up at the magnificent structure, my mouth hanging open and my eyes wide open. 'I never imagined Mt. Olympus would look like that,' I thought to myself. Even those among us who had been there before, were still stuck silly at the sight of something so truly majestic. If just their home took my breath away, what would happen when we actually met face to face? I was still unsure on what was actually going to happen, but the others assured us, all would be fine.

It wasn’t actually a mountain at all, but a city. A working city and we were on the outskirts of this city. It had skyscrapers so tall, I wondered how we ever could have missed it. Then I realized, they were Gods. They hid Mt. Olympus from view. I could hear the sea and I could see a large, very large put, like a well, but I covered a large portion of the land. In front of us, a large ornate gate, with no walls on either side, but I knew, somehow, that there was a magic line created so no one who wasn’t meant to could cross. In huge gold letters on the gate it read 'Mt. Olympus' in huge letters in Greek, but my mind rewrote the letters into English.

Alastor led the way down and as one of the main 3 Gods it was clear he held some authority here. Nobody recognized who Styx and I were. I was confused to see so many people here, I had assumed Mt. Olympus was just for the Gods. We stopped for a moment and I posed the question.

"They are Grecian heroes who were granted eternal life." Thane answered carefully, ensuring we weren’t overheard. "They have no place in your world, and reside here. They are also us; children of the Gods who either didn’t ever reside in the camp or simply outgrew it. Oh, and their companions." He looked uncomfortable.
"Companions?" I asked blankly. Alastor whispered something to Styx, but she didn’t bat an eyelid. Classical Styx.

"People from the mortal world they choose." I looked suitably embarrassed and we carried on walking and no one gave any of us a second glance, although the ‘newbies’ were acting like tourists. I did nothing of the sort. Hello, daughter of two Gods over here! Please. I was born for this. Literally.

Right in the center of the city, a cluster of many skyscrapers formed a circle, 9 in all, and all faced the middle. In the center there was a skyscraper that outdid all the others. It had a Greek sign on that, I didn’t recognize, but we all walked through the main doors. "This is where the Gods meet. The other skyscrapers are each of theirs and they reside there. But first you must be announced and meet your parents."
"This is it?" I grabbed Styx’s hands and Thanes found its way into mine, and we intertwined our hands.

"This is it." She replied grimly, steeling herself for the battle. Protective measures. I shrugged. Styx was always going to be like this, it’s just the way she is. She was holding Alastor’s hand and Archer was behind me, holding Kore’s hand, who was holding Thorne’s hand who was holding Laurel's hand. We must have looked a right picture as we all shuffled in, all clinging to each other for support.

As we entered the building, I was surprised at well, everything. It was all black marble and gold. As soon as you walked in, there was air con and everyone was in smart business attire, clean and efficient. There were two desks as you walked in, one on the left and the other on the right. Straight ahead were glass doors that, I assumed you couldn’t just walk through. Behind those doors was a waiting area and then … the elevator, which I assume takes you to the board room, where our parents would all be waiting for us. Above that floor, the map on the wall told us, they had a floor for each of the Gods to conduct their, what I can only believe to be, meetings in. I suppose Gods have a lot of business to conduct.

The woman at the left desk cleared her throat loudly and called us over. "May I help you?" It would be friendly, and welcome if she didn’t look down her nose at our dirty clothes and everything. The air con in the building only made me more aware of how disgusting we were. I was wearing, what was, a white tank top and khaki shorts, and Styx was wearing a blue tank top and gray shorts. Well, they used to be light gray Now they’re more … brown. Living in a car for a few weeks and with no other clothes leaves you little choice on what to wear. Sweat was running everywhere and I was well-aware my face was dirt streaked. I could only hope my hair was ‘sexily’ tousled instead of what I dreaded … the bed head!

Thane took charge. "Of course you can … ‘Molly’. We’re here to see the Gods. As you can see, the misses Aecor have arrived." She looked suitably chastised for her rude behavior and I tried to make myself look as important as I could. She walked out from her desk and I opened my mouth. She had a tail. A cat's tail. Like, a huge furry brown cat's tail.

"If you’ll follow me?" She asked the 8 of us. We all followed her through to the waiting area and then straight onto the elevator. "I won’t take you straight to your parents, there is a floor that is made especially for this occasion. There, you can make yourselves more presentable and just ride up a floor when you’re all done. I will make your parents aware you are coming." We had arrived at the floor that didn’t actually look furnished. There were boxes of clothes overfilling. We were almost shoved out of the elevator and she rode back down, her cat tail swishing behind her.

"Rude." I muttered as I walked over to the first box. "I’m guessing we’re all going to choose new clothes, then shower, then all go up together? Let’s do this as quickly as possible guys!" Everyone nodded their consent and we all got to work. Thane crushed me to his chest and stole my breath for a kiss. "Make yourself irresistible mister!" I slowly kissed his lips and relished in the feeling he gave me. Like I was the only person in the world and that we were flying far above this, together.

"Yes, Ma'am. By the way, I already found your dress." He gestured to a dress sitting on a rail. The sight of it took my breath away, and I instantly started hunting for shoes.
"I miss my collection!" I whined like the spoiled rich girl I am. Styx grunted that she did too, and Kore looked up, her face horrified.

"You have a shoe collection, at home?" She asked, her voice slightly offensive.
"Yes … and bags, hats, lingerie…" I trailed off and Thane groaned.
"Aqua! You’re driving me crazy baby. Just go shower." His face looked pained and he was clutching a hat to his crotch. I giggled, I knew exactly what I was doing. Magically, the shoes I picked up were just my size, as was the dress and lingerie.

"Sure baby, I’ll get going. Want to join me?" I asked, my voice low and husky. Everyone groaned and searched even faster if that was possible. He stood up, clutching some, from what I could see, nice clothes and walked towards me. He lifted me up effortlessly, clothes and all, and carried me over to the showers, me screaming and giggling all the way.

As he switched on the shower head, testing the temperature until it was perfect, I like it really hot, I took a moment to admire the bathroom. Honestly, it was better than the conditions we were subjected to choosing our clothes. It was honestly, like a bathroom right out of ancient Greece, all marble and plants but with modern technology. It was heaven. I’m a bathroom girl. You know some girls that need a great kitchen, or great lounge, but no. I’m all about the bathroom.

"You ready?" He asked softly, he was still clothed, so I didn’t know if he wanted me to be or not. I nodded and smiled shyly. He closed the gap between our two bodies with one step and slowly kissed me. "We don’t have to do anything you don’t want to." He smiled. "We don’t have much time anyway, and I’d rather make love to you in a place that isn’t a bathroom, especially with our parents right above us." My eyes widened when I realized that was true. Can you imagine? I was about to have sex with, well, my soulmate boyfriend right underneath where my mother and father were!

"Can we just shower? I mean, can you handle doing that together?" I asked in a teasing tone, but underneath that I was serious. I wasn’t ready to really do anything yet. He nodded and smiled as he took his shirt off. I gulped and couldn’t take my eyes of that toned chest. "Umm, maybe we can do a little more than just shower…!" He grinned and pulled me in the shower, clothes and all!

I stood in front of the large mirror, carefully curling my already curled hair, but I wanted it to be perfect for meeting mom and dad for the first time. Thane was struggling with his tie and was ready to curse and throw it down in the sink. "Here," I said softly, turning off the hair tools and sliding underneath him, my back to the mirror and our chests pressed together. He closed his eyes and breathed slowly.

"Aqua, baby … I can be patient, but we just took a shower together and now you’re … pressing against me like this … I can only hold out so long baby…" He begged, I just smiled and carried on sorting out his tie.
"Not too long now, baby." I soothed as I sorted it out. "There. Perfect." I pecked him on the lips and slid away to sort out my makeup.

"Baby, you’re not even dressed!" I looked down and saw it was true.
"Honey, I can’t wear my dress while putting on makeup. I’ll get it all down it. You put the dress on after the makeup. It's basic science." I rolled my eyes and carried on applying mascara. He came up behind me and hugged my from behind, moaning into my ear. "Babe, I’m going to poke my eye out with the wand if you keep on distracting me." I warned.

"Hmm. Fine. Now please, get dressed. You’re honestly killing me baby girl!" He looked too pathetic, I almost laughed and shrugged on my dress. It was a form fitting mini dress in ivory. It had three quarter length sleeves, and the whole dress fit to my body like a dream. There were some sequins down the lines of the dress and the dress went to about mid-thigh, and it was quite low-cut, but not sluttily so. I wore some white heels that were to die! And some lovely white lingerie that, of course, couldn’t be seen, but Thane and I both knew it was. I could hardly wait to see what Styx and the others had picked out.

I was ready to meet the parents.
Published: 11/13/2013
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