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We were silent the whole drive home, buzzing with anticipation. Was he going to tell us straight away? Or when we got there? Where are we going? As we arrived there, we saw Ray outside the building smiling sadly. As soon as we pulled up, he changed the smile to a happy bright one, but it was obviously fake. "Hey, girls," he said, kissing both of us on the cheek.

"Ray, what's up?" I asked, holding his hand and helping him with the suitcases.
"Nothing, Aqua. I'm just... no. Nothing is wrong. I promise. Now, I was thinking we'd take my car! I'll drive!" He left nothing to discussion, just hopped in the driver's seat, leaving one of us to call shotgun. We decided on a diplomatic 'rock, paper, scissors'. I pulled paper, and Brooke called rock. Damn, lost again. Brooke is always amazing at strategies, and winning battles. Even small ones like shotgun.

After a few minutes of driving, I decided to ask where we were going. "Ray..." I asked, he knew what was going to come next and he decided just to tell me.

"Styx, Aqua. We're going to catch a flight to Pennsylvania. There's something I want to show you." He was closed off again, and that's all that was said on the subject. Starting from now, I was rather scared, and glad that I had Styx with me. Ray wasn't acting like himself. Not at all.

We arrived at the airport, and for some reason, as Ray showed them our tickets and we bustled through to the first class seats on the first class plane, and as I was eating first class food and drinking first class champagne, I couldn't relax. I somehow knew that once we landed in Pennsylvania; my life was about to change forever. I didn't know in a good way or a bad way.

As the plane tilted up, nose into the air, I closed my eyes and let the soft hum of the engines be my lullaby, and I lulled myself to sleep. A dark, dreamless, macabre sleep. I was still asleep when we landed, and thankfully I didn't look too much like a zombie who's just eaten brains like, five seconds ago. We had to get our passports checked, but luckily our baggage was waiting for us, and so was a car. A very nice Porsche. Don't ask me about the model or make, because it felt like my eyes were sandpaper, and I collapsed as soon as my head hit the upholstery.

Water, water, water, water. I was in a shell, being carried by the waves. I was alone. Where was Styx? Why wasn't she here? Styx is always here. There was a great commotion outside, and suddenly, the shell was prized open by someone all in battle gear. Styx! My heart leaped, and she hugged me tightly. "Quick... Poseidon is waiting..." She whispered, as I woke with a start. My eyes were tight, and my mouth felt greasy. Yes, I was awake now.

"We're here." Ray whispered.
"Where?" I whispered back, scared to speak in this place.

It was still light, but all the trees made it seem like the middle of the night. Where are we? Well, obviously somewhere in Pennsylvania, but... why? Styx looked as scared as I did, and the shadows were playing on Ray's face, making him look like a terrifying monster.

"Ray, what's going on? I want to go home!" I wailed, cascading into sobs. I cry when I'm scared, but at least I show my feelings. Styx is like a robot, or a warrior. She doesn't show fear, or love or anything. She scares me sometimes.

"You are home." He said quietly, shocking us all. He hadn't said anything since before the plane, and now he had I wish he hadn't.

"What do you mean Ray?" Even Styx started to sound scared now. There was a tremor in her voice reserved only for special fears. Fears about me, fears about Ray, and fears about the dolphin teddy she's had since she was two.

"Girls, on your seventeenth birthday, I told you that I would tell you who your parents were. I'm going to do it right now. Aqua, Styx... you are the lights of my world, and I promise that I'm always here for you, but you have to do this by yourselves. It's what your families have done for generations, and I'm not going to stop that now because I have grown attached to you in the seventeen years I have protected you for.

Have you ever noticed anything different about yourselves? Special things you can do that nobody else can? Like your swimming. Can anybody swim the way you two girls can? And can anybody but you two run the way you can? Or paint the way Aqua can, or fence the way you can, Styx? Nobody knows everything about shopping, or beauty, or anything like that but you, Aqua. And that is because you're programmed in with all that information. It's in your blood. Styx, who else knows all the answers in your lessons, at a astrophysicist level, and you're only seventeen. It's also because you're programmed with it."

I started to chew my bottom lip. It's another sign that I'm scared or worried. Ray looked at me calmly, and gently dislodged it from the captivity of my teeth. "No." He gently reminded me.

"Ray, what are you saying? That we're like, robots?" I asked, I looked at Styx worryingly, and worryingly, she was looking at me with the same look.

"No, no, no." Ray assured me, his lip trembling. "You're demigods." He said. His voice was calm and steady, but his eyes were tearing up.

I took a few deep breaths, my world spinning, but I kept calm. "Demigods." I stated, waiting for him to laugh and say 'gotcha!' but he didn't laugh. Instead, he kept on smiling that sad smile at us.

"What kind of Gods?" Styx asked. See, that's a smart question. That's something I'd probably never ask.

"The Greek ones. The only ones." He said curtly, seemingly hurt by her question.
"So who are our parents?" She pressed. He'd probably tell us anyway. I get the feeling nothing will ever be the same after he tells us.


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