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It's one thing to find out you're a God, it's another to know that your parents hate each other and you were a product of that hate.
"Girls, your father is Poseidon. God of the sea. Styx, you are blessed to have Athena as your mother. Aqua, you are also blessed to have Aphrodite as your mother." He blurted it out, no longer our calm and dependable Ray, but a blubbering mess of loss.

"But, I thought Poseidon and Athena hated each other?" I piped up, shocking everyone with my outburst that was actually a smart question.

"Styx." He began, trying to make her understand whatever might come next. "Yes, your mother and father hate each other. There have been battles for centuries between them, and yes, you were born out of hate. But that doesn't mean they both don't love you..." He pleaded, but she had turned away from us all. I peered into her face and instantly gave her a huge hug, reserved only for her, Ray, and Kay. She was crying. I've only ever seen her cry once before, and that's when I fell off a ladder and almost died. I didn't though...

"Ray, do they keep me from harm?" I asked. Wow. I'm really going out there with the smartness and things.
"Yes." He said, relieved for a distraction from Styx's tears that were never meant to be cried. "Yes, they save you from any fatal damage. They watch over you all the time. They're even looking now. Can't you hear them?" He asked with a surprised lilt to his voice.

I concentrated on the silence, and kept on concentrating, straining my eyes and ears to their limits, and finally, when I was about to give up; "Aqua..." I heard, somewhere in the back of my head.
I opened my eyes and grinned at Ray. He grinned back, really proud of me. I was so happy to be the one Ray was proud of for once.

"They'll teach you more things like that here." He said softly, looking away again. A moment was lost and a beat was skipped, and he hopped out of the car.
He took all the suitcases out of the car before I even got out. I held onto his arms and hugged him tightly.
"Don't leave us, Ray." I begged, crying into his chest. He awkwardly hugged me back, but it was an awkwardness that was familiar to me now.
"I have to, Aqua. This is your destiny. You have to go into the camp and learn to be a proper God." He said, kissing the top of my head with a fatherly love.
"Wait, I thought you said we were demigods!" Styx cried, flying into his arms as well.

"Everybody else in that camp is, but not you two. You two have two parents, so you are Gods. They only have one. This means you're different, and will be singled out for that, but you know that you're better than them. You have two Gods on your side, and you also have me. So kick them in the teeth if they dare say a bad word about any of you. Do you understand?" He asked, crying in the darkness. I was crying too, so any words I managed out were probably incoherent. "Good girl. Now, you look after each other. Your car will be here in the morning, someone is driving it to you. I love you both, so much. Don't forget who you are." He said, and then slipped away. He left the car, our bags, and us, outside this spooky-looking forest.

"Crap." I said softly. Styx chuckled and looked at me fondly. In the darkness I found her hand and gripped it tightly. "Can you promise me something?" I asked tentatively. I wasn't sure if she was up to anything right now. It's one thing to find out you're a God, it's another to know that your parents hate each other and you were a product of that hate.

"Anything, Aqua. You know I'd do anything for you." She said softly, still holding my cold hand in her worn one.
"Promise me that no matter what, nothing will change. I mean, between us. We're going to change, and I know that, but I don't want us to grow apart. We don't have to do everything together, but we stay together, kay?" I asked. I was terrified she'd leave me just like ray has done. I can't handle more people leaving me right now. She understood everything I was trying to say, and simply smiled at me.


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Skyler Grace - Sorry I kept you waiting!! But thank you!

Sneha - Thank you so much. And she does know what a Demigod is, but she wanted to know *What* Gods. e.g.- they could be Roman Gods, Greek, Egyptian.

Jevie - Thank you so much for reading all my books. Do you mind telling me which one is your favorite? And which other story... 'CHANGE YOUR MIND'? I've been waiting for more comments on both of them, but I'm starting to get tired of waiting, and I'll probably just post now.
Published: 10/12/2012
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