Path to Joy

Choices and decisions made after life-changing situations. Here's the beginning of my path to joy...
Footprints covered, I leave no trace,
So many gone ahead and before,
Divergent paths yet the same destination lost,
Alone I stumble over fallen souls,
Crying, and aching bereft of grace.

Branched path ahead now, choices made,
Left or right, forward or back,
Weary, worn, I carry on,
Eyes closed, I tread on crumbled dreams,
Seeking the trap, pitfalls to evade.

The skies brighten now with the rising sun,
Hands reaching out from the dark,
Pulling, grabbing as I pass by,
Determined in my weary pace,
Smiling now, I hurry and run.

I see ahead more clearly now,
The path I'm on leads to you,
Your loving arms seek to embrace,
To help rebuild my soul,
To show me love and how.

Roses strewn beneath my feet,
Wine so sweet to pass my lips,
Kisses falling from passion's rise,
Hunger fed now lovers' feast,
Breathless love, passion's heat...
Published: 5/27/2013
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