Paths - Chapter 10

"Physically, I understood why girls fell head over heels for him. He was down right hot. But, I also knew his personality." Comment please.

I woke at ten in the morning to pounding on my door. Saturday were optional classes but Sundays were sacred sleep-in days, so someone being at my door was a strange thing. Libby moaned for me to get it, so I rolled out of bed to unlock the door and open it.

"You did it sweetheart," Daniel burst through the door holding an arm full of newspapers and magazines.

"What did I do?" I ask through a yawn while rubbing my eyes.

"You sold it. They love you!" He exclaimed happily. Libby reluctantly got out of bed to open the blinds.

"Good morning to you too, Daniel," She mumbled.

"Sorry, Libbs." He said. Tossing the dozens of magazines and newspapers on my bed for Libby and I to examine, he goes on. "I’m not going to lie, I had my doubts, but you're a hit!"

"Daniel, stop, rewind, play. What?" I force him to slow down.

"Well, it’s what they said last night." He begins to say as we look over the media’s headlines. "You’re Britain’s American Sweetheart." And there it was, all over the covers. Pictures of me, smiling on the talk show or at the hospital reading to the children with the headline "Britain’s American Sweetheart!".

"Taylor, you're famous." Libby said in amazement.

It wasn’t as if I did anything special last night. Elliot took me back to my dorm, where I had a long conversation over the phone with Mom and Jason about my relationship before going to bed. I had literally become a star overnight.

"I’ve already gotten calls from seven magazines in the last hour, wanting you to do a photo shoot and be the main story for next week," Daniel explained.

"Should I do them?" I questioned.

"You can choose which one you’ll do. But right now, go take a shower. The press is waiting outside to see you. You need to look stunning."

"Don’t worry, Daniel. I got this." Libby beamed. We made Daniel wait in the sitting room downstairs while I got ready. While getting my makeup finished up, Elliot called.

"Good morning darling," he answered, making me smile.

"Good morning," I reply.

"Have you seen the headlines?" He asked.

"Yes, your manager was pounding at my door this morning at 10, just to show me them," I laugh. He sighs annoyed.

"I’m sorry," He apologizes.

"No, it’s okay. This is the way it’s going to be and I’m fine with that." I tell him honestly.

"Do you want to grab lunch together?" He asks. I accept before having to hang up due to the fashion crisis at hand. When Libby and I finally decided on a pair of peach shorts with an off white styled tank top and a turquoise clutch, I went to face Daniel.

"You look perfect," he compliments.

"Oh my goodness, Libby." I gasp dramatically. "Did he actually say something nice to me?"

"Hey, don’t get used to it. We need to leave." He snaps making us both giggle. Libby gave me a hug before wishing me a good luck. I flipped my sunglasses down, before facing the heat.

As soon as the door opened, everyone was calling my name, snapping pictures. I reminded myself to stay calm before putting on a smooth smile.

"Taylor, what do you think about being Britain’s American Sweetheart?" One asked.

"I’m honored." I tell them. "I love it here and I’m so grateful for everyone's support."

"Where are you going now?" They asked.

"For a lunch date with my boyfriend." I laughed as though it were obvious. They continued to shout out questions but Daniel escorted me into the car. Arriving at the cafe that we were eating at, Elliot was already there. I had to take a second to look at him through the tinted windows. Leaned against the little fence, wearing jeans and a navy blazer with the sleeves rolled up and it unbuttoned, revealing a red button up, he looked so attractive. Physically, I understood why girls fell head over heels for him. He was down right hot. But, I also knew his personality. He could be laid back or crazy. He was sensitive at points but lighthearted and funny during others. He cared, sometimes too much, but that was okay with me, because I needed that extra care.

"Taylor, are you okay?" Daniel pushed.

"I’m fine."

"Okay, go out there and give him a kiss-"

"Daniel, no offense, but you can’t tell me what to do. You can manage me and my publicity, but when it comes to my relationship, I’ll be the manager of that." I tell him.

"Okay," he backs off, wide-eyed, slightly frightened of my power. 

Getting out of the car, Elliot sees me coming to hug me. I take it without question, knowing the paparazzi were watching us. But, pulling away, I grabbed at the back of his neck gently so he’d kiss me. Slightly surprised, he took the offer. I heard the snap of the cameras, but I didn’t care. In this moment, it was just me, kissing my boyfriend.

"Okay then," Elliot grins after the kiss, "Let’s get some lunch." I nodded as his hand found mine, pulling me into the cafe.

"Ew, you like onions on your sandwich?" I put my nose up to the sight.

"Well yeah, how else would you eat your sandwich?" He laughed putting the top piece of bread back on the nasty food.

"Without onions." I comment making him laugh again. He took a huge bite of it making me cringe in disgust.

"So, you don’t fancy onions?" He asked, still in disbelief. I shook my head. "Here," he held out his sandwich, "Take a bite." I shook my head again. "Come on, just a taste." He put it closer to my face.

"Ew! No!" I giggled.

"Come on, yummy onions!" He took another bite before holding it out. I pushed it away.

"No thank you, I like my sandwich onion free!" I declare making us both giggle. After a nice lunch, where he ate his nasty onions, we went for a walk in the park nearby. His hand in mine under the sun felt perfect. We came along a playground where he pushed me on the swings and I chanted, "Higher Elliot Higher!" In a little kid voice.

We finally decided to head back to his car, since he had a rehearsal in an hour.

"I got a question." He said looking down at our intertwined hands as we walked.

"Yeah?" I asked curiously.

"Well, the band has been invited to a red carpet event tomorrow night for a movie premiere, and each got a plus one. I’ve never used my plus one, cause I never wanted to bring anyone. However, now that I have you, I would like to bring you. But, only if you want to go." He quickly added.

"I would love to go!" I smile.

"Great, I’ll get Cindy to get you a dress." His voice had a hint of excitement in it. As collected as he tries to make himself look, on the inside, Elliot is a giddy school boy.

Back at the dorm, Libby was pacing.

"What are you doing?" I laugh at her.

"What does it look like?!" She nearly yelps.

"Pacing." I answer.

"Henry just asked me to a movie premiere tomorrow night," She said in confusion.

"Yeah, I’m going to that with Elliot." I tell her.

"But, why would he ask me?" She continues the nervous habit.

"Maybe because he wants you to go?" I log onto my computer to get started on an essay due for tomorrow.

"As a friend or more than one?" She specifies.

"Libby," I turn around my chair, "Is there something going on between you and Henry?" I ask.

"I don’t know!" She sighs, collapsing on her bed. "Things have been different between us lately. I just want things to be clarified."

"Then call him and ask him."

"It’s not that simple. What if he thinks it’s just friends but figures out I want it to be more than that?" She asks.

"I guess you’ll just have to wait it out then," I shrug.

"I swear, being around a boy band member is more confusing than a regular boy." She sighs, making me giggle.
Published: 6/1/2012
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