Paths - Chapter 21 - Final Chapter

Last chapter! Should I do a second book?

"Breathe." Elliot tells me even though we are too excited to try to calm down.

"Ready?" I ask, unable to contain myself.

"Go." I reach for the envelope to read my fate.

Miss. Taylor Harris,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted for early admissions for Oxford University in the fall of 2013...

"Oh my gosh." I gasp, glancing up at my boyfriend, his face turns to a smile.

"You got in?"

"YES!" I squeal. He tackles me in a hug, kissing me.

"Now that you have the scholarship for second term and you're accepted into Oxford we don't have to fret about anything," he beams at me.

"This is a path we both get to take, together." I place a hand on his cheek before kissing him.

"Together, forever." He smiles at me.


20 years later...


My first day back at the Academy for my last year of school before Oxford, the same one my mother attended. When my mother still went to the Academy, it was a girl's only school, since then they have let it be both girls and boys. I walk home with my best friend Lucy.

"Hello girls," Aunt Libby welcomes us when we get home. She's not really my aunt, I just like calling her that.

"Hi Mum," Lucy goes to kiss her mother's cheek. Lucy's parents and my parents were best friends, our fathers were in a world-famous band when they were younger. Right now they are just getting back from a reunion tour, even though we still have weekly dinners with my uncles; Henry, Timothy, and Charlie, with their wives, which includes Libby.

"How was your day, sweetheart?" Mum sets a plate of cookies in front of us. Lucy and I dig in without second thought.

"Why are you feeding our daughter sweets right before dinner?" Father's voice comes from behind me, playful and lighthearted.

"Father!" I rush to him. Dropping his bags, he wraps his strong arms around me.

"Hi sweetie," uncle Henry goes to kiss aunt Libby, grossing out Lucy.

"What about your favorite uncle?" Timothy came in for a bear hug but Henry intercepted making an Alice sandwich.

"No way, Tim. I'm her favorite." Henry said competitively. They playfully bickered about my love before I saw Charlie.

"Charlie!" I get out of their grasp so they could consume Lucy for affection.

"Hey kid." He hugged me.

"I read that book you suggested. It was really good. I liked the way the main character was the bad guy the whole time!" I gush with my admiration for reading. We continued to mingle before the other aunts showed up to welcome their husband's home. When the telephone rang, I offered to pick it up.

"Ali?" My real uncle, Jason's voice answered from the other end.

"Jason?" I ask back as if it were a game between us.

"Well, how's my favorite niece?" He boomed out of joy.

"Finally, I'm someone's favorite." I sigh in relief.


"Forget it." I shake my head. When he asks for Mum, I hand it off to her. Sitting back I observe my huge family. Libby was fussing with Lucy's hair which irritated her, but she was too focused on the card game she was playing with Charlie. Timothy was telling his wife Nina, about the flight home. Father and Henry were sneaking pieces of the dinner. When Mum caught them, they claimed they were making sure it wasn't poisoned.

It may be hectic but I loved my family, even if it wasn't all blood related.


Author's Note

Please comment. I would really like to continue onto a new story with Alice's life? Anyone interested?
Published: 9/6/2012
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