Paths - Chapter 9

Even though it was only twenty feet from the car to the entrance, it was the longest walk of my life.
- Taylor -

"I’m so excited," Cindy gushed, examining me. "You see, the boys were my first styling job, so I’ve only ever styled them. But, now I get to style a girl. Thank goodness," she mumbles before pulling me over to the chair so she could do my hair.

This moment reminded me too much of the night that Libby got me ready for the concert. Who knew I’d actually get to this point? Being styled by the band’s stylist so I can go and do interviews about my boyfriend....

The ringing of my phone interrupted my thoughts.

"Hello?" I answer, putting it on speakerphone.

"Taylor Lynn Harris!" My mother's voice comes from the other end. "Why did I have to find out my daughter was dating a famous British boy band singer through a girl at the diner who reads magazines as if it were her religion?!"

"Mom, I’m sorry, I was going to tell you but-"

"No buts! Taylor Lynn, do you know how hard it is to let my daughter go to London on her own, not knowing a soul. Now you're dating a guy I don’t know at all?!" She nearly yelp.

"Mother. Please listen." I plead for her. She finally grows quiet, "Mom, it was completely unexpected. Everything is going so fast, I’m actually being styled right now to go do interviews. It’s so hectic."

"Too hectic to call your mother and brother and tell them you're in a relationship?!" She sounds furious.

"Mother, hand me the phone." I hear Jason in the back round. "Taylor?"

"Yes, Jason?" I ask.

"How dare you date a guy without our approval!" He sternly yells.

"Not you too, Jason," I sigh. "Can we talk about this later? I have to get going."

"Yes, we will continue this conversation tonight. But, I want you to know I’m not to happy about this, Taylor."

"I’m sorry mom. Goodbye." I say before hanging up. Knowing my mother, she wasn’t actually upset, she was just hurt, I didn’t tell her. She will get over it once she meets Elliot.

Two hours later, I couldn’t even recognize myself.

"You mean, you’ve never worn high heels before?" Cindy asked, shocked.

"Well once, for a cousin's wedding, but I took them off right after." I explain, wobbling as I practiced walking.

"Here," she walks over to me, placing a hand on my back, "Stand straighter, it’ll help with your balance." Over the next thirty minutes, Cindy taught me proper posture and banter to use for my interviews.

"Knock, Knock!" We hear Elliot at the door, after we laughed over my misuse of the word "posh".

"No boys aloud!" Cindy called from our side of the wooden door. The boys graciously let us use one of their spare rooms for my prepping.

"Come on, Cindy. I need to see her." He told the door.

"Nope," I laugh at our exclusivity.

"I have food." He tempts us.

"Fine." Cindy got up to open the door for him. When he saw me, he couldn’t help but stare. I stood from the chair and did a little turn for him, "You like?"

"I love." He smiles. I walk over to him, slipping on the hardwood floors in the heals, he quickly caught me.

"Not quite used to them yet," I laugh.

"I have to make some calls, I’ll be back." Cindy excused herself.

"Let’s sit down," Elliot leads me to some chairs. Setting the food on the table, we dig in. "Are you ready for this?" He takes my hand from across the table. Shrugging I say,

"Well I don’t have a choice, do I?"

"You can always walk away, Taylor. I don’t want you to feel bound or tied down. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to," he tells me.

"I know. But, I don’t want walk away. I want to do this for you." I reassure him.

"Time is money," Daniel rushes into the room. "Ready?!"

"Yeah, let me grab my purse." I say quickly grabbing a clutch that Cindy left out for me. Getting to the interview was chaotic. Elliot came for moral support, Cindy came in case of any fashion crisis, and obviously Daniel was leading the whole thing. When we approached the studio, fans and photographers were crowded outside. Before they opened the door for us, Elliot’s hand slipped in mine, but when I looked at him, he nonchalantly glanced around.

Outside the door, I was confused amongst the flashes and yells from the fans. Photographers asked us questions, in which I just smiled and waved. Fans held out their pens and papers, so I tried to sign as many as I could, taking pictures with only a few. While handling everything, Elliot had the same reaction. But through it all, he found someway to either hold my hand, or have an arm around my waist.

Even though it was only twenty feet from the car to the entrance, it was the longest walk of my life. Finally, inside, they rushed me around, much like the Hillary show. I tried my best to catch up with everyone. Finally the producer counted down from ten.

"Well back to Good Morning London." Said the host, Ron, to the camera. "To wrap up our morning, we have a very special guest today, Ladies and Gentleman, Taylor Harris." The audience clapped for me and I saw my face show up on the monitor. I smiled sweetly to the audience, wanting more than anything to have Elliot’s hand here to hold me up.

"Now, Taylor, you're the newest member of the CHET family. How do the other boys feel about you?" The co-host Miranda asked.

"You know, I care a lot about Elliot, and his band mates are like brothers to him. So of course I care about them too, but the best part about it is they care about me back. At least I hope so," I giggle a little, making the audience laugh. "However, I think they do. When I first went on the Hanging with Hillary show, they all came for moral support for Elliot and I, so that was very nice."

"How lovely," she smiled.
"How has your life changed since dating Elliot?" Ron leaned forward curiously.

"The day after the show, in which Elliot and I made it public, people began asking me for autographs and pictures. It was overwhelming at first, but I have quickly adjusted. Just outside, I almost got trampled on," I say making the audience laugh again, "But it’s great to have the fans of CHET’s support."

"You are just such a sweet girl," Ron smiled at me. "Obviously your boyfriend is pursuing his career in music, but where would you like to be in a few years?"

"I’m a writer, all the way. I would love to write a book or two, or to be a journalist." I tell him.

"What a great future," Ron complimented.

"There are some photos we found," Miranda says, turning to draw attention to the screen behind us. On the screen were photos of me reading to the children at the local hospital. I don’t know when they took them, but it was only a few days ago that I went. "Would you like to tell us about that?"

"I would," I say, slightly surprised they knew about the hospital. "The academy I go to has many volunteer programs and I had a really tough time choosing which program I wanted to be a part of but I decided the hospital one. Once a week, I go to read to the children fighting cancer or other chronic diseases. The girl I’m reading to in this picture is a precious child. She has this passion to learn and discover. Their joy is just unbelievably encouraging. They are the real heroes." I smile.

"How inspiring!" Ron tells me before turning to the camera. "Well there you have it. Taylor Harris, thank you for visiting us on Good Morning London, you are truly Britain’s American Sweetheart. Join us tomorrow for more celebrities and news. Have a good day."

"And we are off!" The producer calls to us. Both hosts thank me for coming, letting me leave with a smile on my face.

"That was great," Elliot greets me off stage with a huge hug. "You really were amazing up there. I don’t know how anyone could not fall in love with you," he put me down.

"You sold it, sweetheart," Daniel walks over to us. Hugging me he’s pleased, but a phone call interrupts our moment.

"Come on, let’s get you back." Elliot puts an arm around me, leading me back out to the car.

Little did I know... this was only the beginning.
Published: 5/23/2012
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