Patience, Time and Hope

This was from my school notebook, my first poems. Enjoy!
I’ve been waiting for you
On a Train Station
It’s been days
I’m still waiting, for you.

I’ve been waiting for you
In the Bus Station
It’s been months
Will I give up?

I’ve been waiting for you
In my home
It’s been years
Can I still have hope for?

I’ve been waiting for you
In a terrace at my home
More years had passed by
I’m starting to give up.
The day, where I last saw you
You left a farewell note
I came running after you
Will I still see you?

The same place, that very day
I was taking my walks
You appeared, smiling
A hug, I gave, never lost hope, never given up.
My classmates said I was great at this, am I?
Published: 7/1/2010
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