Pen to Paper

Hey guys, finally a new entry from me. I hope it's worth it. For every writer out there, I know you have felt like this more than once. Enjoy!
Pen to paper,
And no words appear,
I think I’ve lost my touch,
Lost my edge,
My talent.

Pen to paper,
And no emotions spill out,
I’ve lost all my pictures,
Can’t find the words,
I’m empty.

Pen to paper,
And I can’t find my thoughts,
They’re all scattered,
Can’t fight anymore,
I’m useless.

My pen is to paper,
Pressing down softly,
My words are jumbled,
They don’t make sense,
I’m trying.

Now my pen is to paper,
The words seem to be flowing,
The words are still unclear,
But they are finally here,
I think I’ll be okay.
Published: 9/3/2012
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