Perfection is on the eye of the beholder...
The pressure builds
The unobtainable-
Is no longer not an option.

The demands raise higher,
Like water, above my head,
Until I feel like I'm drowning,
As I sit alone in my bed.

Can I do as they wish,
And meet their demands?
Or am I already starting to fall,
Prey to the reprimands?

Sometimes I wonder if the world,
Really has such a grand design,
Or if that's just the way,
You achieve peace of mind...

You don't get to tell me,
That I'm lost along the path,
I'm not that naive...
I can do the math.

I'm not worthless because,
I refuse to follow your plan.
I'll make it my own way,
I think I may, I think I might, I know I can.
Published: 1/24/2012
Bouquets and Brickbats