A small poem...
Petals make a flower.
Around them butterflies hover;
Bud begins to bloom.
Petal after petal blossom;
Amidst the petals is pollen.
Petals are not even.
Geometrical is not the pattern.
Free hand is the design.
In the sunlight, they beautifully shine.
Under the moon light too, they are fine.
Silky and smooth is the texture.
Grafting does a multicolored mixture.
Flowers are daughters of nature.
Dainty petals are their salient feature.
They are the beauty of flower.
This is lost during severe winter.
Petals emit a lovely fragrance.
It creates a pleasant ambience.
As a flower they decorate the vase.
As themselves, they decorate the home of elite class!
They float in waters.
This disintegration least matters;
To the hearts made of metal!
It does matter to the petal.
They prefer to wither and fall.
Rather than becoming the decoration of a hall.
They stay with the flower or plucked out;
Petals' beauty stays thro' out.
Published: 8/17/2007
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